Lip service

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Lip service

To keep the lips good, it can not roam over the strong sunshine. If necessary, use the umbrella, caps, etc. while working in the sun. When the weather is dry, use vaseline, glycerine lips. Lip dryness, roughness and bursting of the lip will be soft and soft. Cigarette, drink, betel nut, rose, jarda etc should be avoided as far as possible. Lips with a tooth, bite lips with nails, lips with a tongue, if it is a habit, they must be closed. Any food or beverage should never be eaten in hot conditions, it should be eaten cold in acceptable doses. If there is an unusual change in the lips, a dermatologist should consult. Such as: swelling, pain, itching or irritation etc. If there is a sharp or scrawny, front or artificial tooth, then it should be fixed with a dental surgeon. Lip thin sensitive skin should always be kept free from injury. If you do these, it is possible to keep the lips good.

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