How to cure hernia.

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Treatment of Hernia Disease

If you have pain or my in any groin, then you will definitely be able to find a doctor. This swelling can be seen more when you stand. Usually, if you put your hand in the affected area, you can feel it.
If you fall asleep, the hernia will collapse automatically or you can put the light in your stomach with your hand.If it does not, then the area of ​​snow reduces the swelling and go to hernia. At the time of bedtime, the waist should be raised higher than the head.
If you do not enter the hernia then you should understand that the intestine is stuck on the stomach wall. This is a deadly condition. In this case, emergency surgery is necessary. At this stage, there may be nausea, vomiting or fever, and hernia may become red, violet or black. If there is any such signs or symptoms, then the doctor should be patient.
Usually, internal examination is done through physical examination. Your doctor will want to know your symptoms, then check the swelling of the groin area. As the cough causes hernia to become more prominent, coughing can also be a part of your examination.
If the hernia is not correct through surgery, the hernia grows in a big way. Tissues around the big hernicaApplying pressure on-the most severe complication of male cornea in men is that when the intestine stops in the weak walls of the abdominal wall. At this time there is severe pain, vomiting and vomiting, and the closet closes, or the air can not move. In this case, the movement of the intestinal tract decreases blood circulation - which causes the intestinal tissue death. Strongulated hernia is a life-threatening problem, in this case emergency surgery is required.
If your hernia is small and you do not create any problems, then your doctor can ask to wait and wait. But if the hernia becomes bigger and painful then it usually requires surgery to eliminate discomfort and prevent serious complications. Two types of general operation were done in Bernei:
In this method your surgeon is one of your groinPush the intestine out of the insulation and return it to the abdomen. Then stabilize the weak or broken muscles. You can move as soon as possible after the operation, but you may need to take four to six weeks to return to normal work.
In this way, your surgeon put a piece of synthetic mesh in the crib area. Sewing, clipOr staple it is usually kept alive. Harniaplasty can also be done with a single long insinion on the cornice. Today, through laparoscopy, it is done by a small number of insesion to hernioplastic. However, if the hernica is big, then laparoscopy can not be done.
If you have birth defects that can lead to innate hernia - you can prevent itCan not do, but following the suggestions given below can reduce the stomach muscles and tissue or color tension:
0 Maintain a healthy weight: If you are more than your normal weight, then exercise and exercise as you consult the doctor.
0 High fiber helps to prevent constipation and tension.
0 Beware of lifting heavy materials: heavy on the sideDo not lift the object. If you have to lift alone, always start kneeling, never curl a waist.
Stop smoking: Smoking can increase the risk of your deadly disease like cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. Besides, smoking often causes chronic cough, which encourages the creation of innate hernia.
Ingenious hernia
Ingenious hernia is a weak or torn part of the abdomen, a soft bud - usually pushing the inner part of the intestine. It is near the groin. This inflammatory part can be painful - especially when coughing, leaning or heavy lifting.
For many people the stomach walls are weakly born, which causes indigenous hernia during birth. The stomach's walls are weak because the stomach screen or peritoneum is not properly connected. Other Ingenious hernias are in the last life
When the muscles are weak or sprayed for some reason, such as aging, extra physical work, or cough related to smoking. Although men are more likely to have indigenous hernia compared to women, but if someone has less immunity to the disease, then it may be inverted hernia. This includes newborns, pregnant women and other adult males or females.
Ingenious hernia is a serious risk to life
Can create conditions. For this reason, your doctor advises surgery before hernia becomes painful or growing.
The good news is that the same kind of hernia has been done in your child's abdomen, such as the operation of the abdomen, has been in the hospital for a long time and has not worked for a few weeks, it will not be in your case. Rather, many indigenous hernia is currently being cut short by the new method, the patient is recovering quickly, the pain is very low.
Some ingenuous hernia does not create any symptoms, and you do not even know until your doctor discovered it during routine testing. However, you can usually see and feel it. Normally you are prone to swelling, especially when coughing or pressure on your stomach, the rounds of the groin form swell like a round ball. If you fall asleep, the swollenity is mixed with self or by a little pressure.
Other symptoms of inguinal hernia include-0 Pain or discomfort in the groin, especially if you work on the leak, with cough or heavy weight.
0 Heavy or tangled in the groin.
0 Sometimes the swollen nodules come down, and the pain in the endocrine pains causes pain and swelling.
Symptoms of children's cases
There are about five inborn inflamed hernia per 100 children. Because the stomach's walls are weak during birth, newborns and infants have innate hernia. Sometimes the hernia is visible only
Newborn crying, coughing or giving out during the discharge. Older children's hernia falls when they cough or pressure during discharge or they are standing for long periods of time. The risk of complexity in children of two years of hernia is very high. Because the children often cry for various reasons, causing the risk of catching hernia repeatedly. So it is the safest to make the operation faster by an experienced surgeon.
The cause of herniaCertain ingenuous hernia does not have any obvious reason. But the causes of stress increases mainly in the stomach. At the same time, the weakness of the pelvic muscle also acts as a catalyst.
In men's case, there is usually a weak space in the ignual channel. Inverted kennel is a diaphragm in the adjacent muscles of the skeleton. While in the mother's womb, the testicles descend from the stomach to the scrotum, into the abdomen. So it is a weak place in birth. Venus at this placeThe nucleus that enters the nathalite.

What to do if Harina
Harenia is a common common disease. From birth to old age anyone can have this disease. In fact, Harina is a surgical disease that is not good for the disease without operation. Generally Harnia means the abdominal gland or any other part of the abdominal stomach, which means that it goes out.

What are the causes of Harinai? Harinarai is the only reason for the stomach or abdomen wall weakness. These weaknesses can be due to various reasons, such as (1) birth-born (2) operations, injuries and infections etc. Among the most common types of Hariya we get is (a) Ingenious Harenia and (b) Injunal Harina or Harina, in place of the operation.
Now we will discuss with Ingenious Harina; Where is the ingrained hariyaa? This is a primary one in the middle of the quadrangleLocation. Ingenious Hernia's substrate:
0 This disease can occur at any age
0 Most patients are male
0 In the initial stage, the patients will say that if the heavy object is raised or if the wheeze, then my skull swings like a round ball above it and it goes away when lying down. Occasionally becomes stiff and pain. After some time after this, the spherical swelling falls into the escortam (in the test tube bag).And when you lie down, you leave the sound inside your stomach. Thus, the blisters continue to grow bigger and sometimes need to be inserted with pressure. Then gradually it can reach a stage that it does not enter the belly even if it is under pressure. At this stage, severe pain, vomiting and abdominal hives and closure may be closed. This condition is called the intestinal or diastolic dislocation. If there is no emergency operation in this situation, there may be problem of lifting.
Medical: Operation is the only treatment for this disease. It is better to perform small and early stage operations. Because it costs less, that can be treated as a case. Mens can be used without fitting and less risk of life.
What can be the problem if you do not do the operation? (1) Gradually haryana size will be bigger (2) Treatment will be difficult and costly (3) Mare should be planted in the case of large hernia (4) Obstructed HarinaAfter operation, there is an inpatient infection in the heart of the operation. The patient will say that the operation line swelled throughout the entire place or partially. Especially walking, halting, or heavy objects can not be seen and dried.
Why is Insane Harina: (1) When an emergency operation (2) The operation is in place and (3) Operation by an inefficient surgeon is more likely to cause this disease.
Substantial: Insectal Harneier's patient's lower intake and complication like intra-haryanic patientsThe doctor came to him.
Treatment: If the surgery is the only treatment and no operation, then there may be complications like intravenous heart disease.
After operation, how can it be ?: If the surgery is done by an experienced surgeon, then the probability of being less is again. Therefore, if you are in Harnia, then the surgeon must be in the emergency.

Haraniea may also be girls
Bithi (pseudonym), age 21 years. Looking for some days, near the right side of the groin swells. Walking is good, it does not matter if you lie down. Although he did not give importance at first, he was frightened by seeing him grow up and he became afraid and turned to the doctor. The doctor said that he had hernia. I was not at first believing. Because, everyone in the family of Bithi and Beitha thought that hernia was justThere are boys. The idea is not true, but girls may also have hernia.
If any part of the body or part of it comes out of the cover, then the hernia will occur. Hernia is the result of any health problem, which increases the internal pressure of the stomach. Chronic cough, constipation, abnormalities in urine, stomach cancer, etc. HarniarThe reason. Excess fat, childbirth, etc. may cause stress in the stomach muscles, which can cause burns. Hernia is actually a bag, which has another organs and parts. The bag also has a cover curtain. The intestine, the endometrium or the intestinal tract, the urine, the ovaries, the ovaries etc. can be in the hernia bag. Hernia is different. The body can be in different places. Although primarily on the upper part of the stomach, hernia occurs around the groin, the upper part of the abdomen, around the navel.Harnaea occurs after surgery. The problem is seen in the case of girls.
The first symptom of hernia is expressed by painless swelling. If coughing or walking, then it grows up and falls asleep. If you grow slowly then do not fall even when lying down. Many times the patient can put the part of the hernia in the stomach with his hand. Harnaia can cause an emergency if it is more than a day, it can cause an emergency due to vomiting. Even the part of the intestine that is in the hernia bag,It can be decayed. For diagnosis of hernia it is more important to examine the patient according to the rules. Hernia's only successful treatment operation. Hernia is not good in any medicine. The excess portion of the herniar bag is bitten and it is cut off. The weak part of the body, on which Haniyar pouch comes out, is strengthened. Sometimes a large type of weak part is made using special type of jal. This operation can be done in two ways-Cut the stomach and leak into the stomach, ie, with the help of laparoscopy If you are conscious at first, the operation is likely to be successful. Your awareness will help you stay healthy.

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