Child's hands and feet care:

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Child's hands and feet care:
Everything from the child to the old needs to be clean. Stay clean and stay clean

First and foremost condition is to ensure proper care of hands and feet. And this care should be started from childhood.

Many types of diseases can be prevented if you can ensure the proper functioning of the baby's hands.

And considering these aspects parents and mother have to perform some essential tasks, which ensure a lot of care for children's hands.

Care of the child's hands and feet

  1. Regular showering

There is no substitute for bathing hands and feet. Children must at least once have a bath with soap or body wash at least once.

During bathing, be careful to wash hands and feet properly with water.

The baby's skin will be smoothed by regular bathing. The hands and feet will be clean.

  1. Regularly cut nails

False nails are equivalent to one type of poison for children. Nails have many types of disease germs that can cause children to go through the stomach.

So parents have to be very careful about nail care of their children. Children need to be cut regularly on the nails.

Since the children themselves can not be nail themselves, parents have to take care of it.

It should be noted that the child's nails can not be too long and no dirt is trapped inside the nails.

Children always love to play with different things. So it is not a rare case of sticking to dirt under the nails.

Therefore, proper advice for parents to cut off nails on the child's care of the child.

  1. Wash hands before eating any

Washing hands thoroughly before eating anything is a very important thing. Hiding in the hands while eating

Many types of germs can easily pass into our stomach. Therefore, it is necessary to develop habit of hand washing well before eating it.

  1. Massage oil or different kinds of cream on hands and feet

Different types of oil or cream or lotions are available in the market by hand and foot care. Use the kid's products to look good brands.

Regular use of oil or cream ensures the protection of hands feet from various types of germs.

  1. Wash your hands well before going to sleep at night

Washing your hands well is a very important one before going to bed at night.

This makes one kind of relaxation in the body, which helps in uninterrupted sleeping aids at night.

  1. Put a baby soap / shampoo with water on your hands

It is very beneficial to soak hands or feet with soap or shampoo water. After some time, put the mixture of water in the mixture

Dirt and lungs on the hands and feet


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