Care of the hands and feet of the boys:

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Care of the hands and feet of the boys:
Children should take care of hands and feet. Especially in the rainy season. Regularly take care of at least twice a month

The hands and feet will be clean and shiny Delwar Hossain, Managing Director of Men's Care, beauty center of Gulshan, said,

"Usually, the hands of boys are more than everyone else. It is only necessary to talk or work. The legs are covered with that.

Still have to take care of the feet. Because, the feet of mud and water become dirty. '

While roaming in the sun, the cover has black cover. So you can quickly wash your hands back home.

As well as taking extra care, hands and feet will be better. Shadin Mahbub, the proprietor of the children's salon herovychics consultant, said,

Mild yolk is very beneficial to wash hands in hot water. Wash the elbows with a good quality soap and wash them.

Vitamin 'E' rich cream can be used to keep your skin well.

Yoga is also more beneficial in foot water. After mixing light shampoo with him and then drowning in the water for 10 minutes, the legs will be good.

Delayar Hossain and Shadin Mahbub gave some more suggestions in the care of hands and feet.

  1. Many people have hands and feet in it. If that happens, then a little bit of water before sleeping at night

Add a little glycerine to the skin of hands and feet. Regular use of the skin will be soft and fresh.

  1. Soak a teaspoon of shampoo in the kusum hot water and take 10 minutes to the heel.

Then clean the nails and floor with the nail brush.

  1. Cutting knit nails is easy. So if nails are large, you can cut them when wet.

Simultaneously push the skin on the side of the nail with a pedicier stick and gently swing the skin.

  1. Those who wear regular shoes, they will not use the same socks without washing.

Clean the socks by mixing detergent powder in light hot water at home.

If there are a few pairs of socks in this case the advantage Switch back and change regularly.

  1. Before cutting the nails, soak the wrists in a similar way for 10 minutes soap or soap

Wash with handwash. Then cut the nails with a towel and cut the nails on a particular shape.

To keep your nails glossy, rub the buffer over the nails. It is better not to use blades for cutting nails.


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