The island of Dominica, where nature is the most beautiful on earth.

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The lake is sparkling

The island of Dominica Lake boiling lake or the sparkling which is the second largest of the lakes are warm in the world, where it reaches the temperature of its edges to the 180-197 degrees Fahrenheit, and from more destinations attractive for tourists on the island of springs, the sulphurous pools of metal views don't compare to the valley of the autumn so you will see when you visit like you are on another planet and not on an island in the Caribbean.

Healthy lifestyle

Dominica has the highest percentage of centenarians in the world, the researchers attribute the longevity there is to the diet local health activists, as well as a lifestyle free of stress, because of the rich fertile soil, rich earth, fresh fruits, citrus fruits, coconuts, bananas, pineapples, coffee, cocoa, guava, spices and herbs growing that will be part of your daily diet next to the different sports, whether aquatic or land, flee to that Island among the happiest places to live in the world.

You can swim under a waterfall
The island of Dominica

You know the island of Dominica waterfalls wonderful hidden around the island, perhaps the most exciting, The Falls a medley of textures that you can access through the heart of the rainforest of the park Morne trois pitons National.

Dominica, Island, nature

Hear Dominica is an island of nature in the Caribbean region, which addresses the problems of its amazing about you everywhere, so if you are adventure and nature, you'll find what you want, and if you are looking for walking distances and prefer diving and whale watching, in this wonderful island and an abundance of hot springs and the best dive sites with scenic mountain waterfalls which are breathtaking and amazing flora and fauna, especially in the cabrits National Park and park Morne trois pitons National declared a World Heritage Site in 1995.


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