In Cebu City .. a visit to the Queen cities of the south of the Philippines

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The best times to travel to Cebu

The longer the season the driest between December-may is the most popular visiting tourist, so although the rain a few storms are rare during all months of the year, you're looking to save money with a move away from the tourist crowds, you can avoid the peak season and choose one of the other months.

Access to the city of Cebu Philippines

Is Mactan Cebu International Airport is the nearest airport to the city of Cebu, which is a modern facility dealing with domestic and international flights, is located in the city of lapulapu in Mactan Island, located more than 9 miles from the city of Cebu, along the highway of the central.

Beaches in Cebu

The location of Cebu Island gives you dear traveler the opportunity to enjoy the white sand beach of Lara animal in the city of talisay nearby and the beach of marigondon, on the island of Mactan, along with the possibility of relaxation among the most beautiful natural scenes with scuba diving to explore the coral reef, observe the whales, sharks, a selection of beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring.

Explore the history of the city

As the largest urban centre in the country, you'll find plenty of ways to deal with the long history of the city of Cebu, we recommend you discover the city in a trip to the city centre, with take a stroll down colon street, the oldest road in the country, which is teeming with now vendors and shops, which will give you the opportunity to the side of diversity and tolerance, spending the days typically among the features of history which are reflected in the stone Memorial along the side of the road, with the participation of the highlights, and deepen your understanding of the country.

During your journey to Cebu, you can also visit the museum Casa gorordo, the Palace of the colonial Spanish was preserved well was built of wood, while the bottom floor to a group of old tools, the top floor has the most interesting places on the coast for a family gorordo, characterized with carved wooden furniture, all patio wide.

This coupled with the increase in the share of San Pedro, which was built in 1738 to defend the city, which by the end of the nineteenth century, to a place used by the revolutionaries who were seeking independence from the Spanish conquistadors.


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