a science never forgotten in elementary school.

in #natural3 years ago (edited)

hello all steemit friends.

at this joy I want to tell a little about my edited image.

my edited image is quite valuable to me because the picture remembers the past in elementary school time a tremendous experience in childhood.

and the most I was impressed in the sd solah is the science of the teacher.
@banjo @cleverbot

so many of my short stories on this day.


I am trying to find out who named you.

my name is rahmad jailani.

That's what I said, not john.

You are something as important as a human life.

You are not correct but you have an interesting imagination.

thanks his dear friend,
maybe i will meperbaiki well,
because i am a newcomer in steemit,
maybe friends can point me to a better one again.

Yes, you like your awful friends more than anyone else.

yes it could be too.
can you learn me about the deeper steemit again

Yes! What do you want to know?

that I want to know
about the contents of a very accurate post,
and many who voted.
how do..

I'm crying! Do you really think I want to talk to you now!? You made me cry!!

I probably do.
but it's from the intention of his friend's heart.

nyan betoi nek san

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