Meditation is Good Exercise for mind.

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mediate Power recieving.jpgHello, All my friends Very Good day!

Today I am back with one most important thing part of our Daily life ie. Mental Fitness.
As we all know Physical fitness is most important thing in all of our life. We generally make physical fitness plans through Gym or other physical exercises. Some of us also follow Good Adjutant diet for good health.

But very less of us focus on Mental fitness. My friends without Mental fitness physical fitness can go in vain.

We do our day to day life activity in our daily life according to our work and ability. But we can do the great.

We as a human being are can change our lives. Our life does not depend upon natural circumstances. But we can create the circumstances.

Circumstance! What is circumstance we can make it!

As a human being, 90 % of us are using less than our 7 % mind. Only 4 % using more than 10 % of our mind and less than are more using.
The human mind is the very powerful weapon. We are the human being are better than any being in-universe. we can think and do some great work better than we are doing. Our mind power is limitless.

How to Increase the mind power!

Meditation can play the vital role to increase the brain utilization power.

Thinking is a very important thing in our life. When we do our work meticulously. It tends to more success in work.

Meditation helps us to reminisce our mind thoughts

Mediation helps us to understand the universe. Through meditation, we receive divine cosmic universal rays. These rays give us extreme power and feelings. This feeling we can feel. No words to explain the power we receive.

We must do mediation each and every day according to our age. As our age is 35-year .we must do 35 minutes meditation. If we have 25 we must do 25 minutes in a day.

In my next blog, i will share you the best way of meditation. A lot of methods you will found how to do the mediation. I will share you the best method according to my experience.!
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Nice post.
with meditation I can find my identity.

welcome @novasasmita . Hope you will also like my work

meditation helped me to manage stressful situation remaining calm.

Thanks Miss Cosy.