Painkiller Addiction, Its Dangers and Treatment

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The risks of painkiller addiction should not be underestimated. Most people become addicted to painkillers because they are inexpensive and easy to obtain in drug stores. Because painkillers are used as medicine by doctors, they cannot be banned like other dangerous, addictive drugs. Acetaminophen, the main ingredient in pain relievers, is the active ingredient.

Some painkillers contain additional ingredients, such as morphine, which makes them more potent and addictive. Most people become addicted to narcotic pain relievers like Vicodin and Demerol. The severity of addiction is determined by the ingredients in the painkillers that are constantly used.

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During the first few days of addiction, a person may exhibit the following symptoms: small red blood-shot eyes, slurred speech, mood swings, poor concentration on daily activities, breathing problems, and becomes antisocial.

If a person is highly addicted to painkillers, missing a single dose will result in withdrawal symptoms such as severe agitation, night sweats, insomnia, and body aches. Addiction has an impact on the workplace as well. It makes a person addicted to painkillers less efficient, causes social maladjustment, and causes erratic judgments, all of which have a negative impact on work progress.

If the problem is not treated promptly, one develops physical tolerance to painkillers, forcing the user to increase both the frequency and dosage of the drugs. The user does this to alleviate the pain, which often worsens as one becomes more addicted to the painkiller. This increased dosage causes an increase in Acetaminophen levels in the blood, which can cause convulsions and, in the long run, irreversible liver damage and heart complications that can lead to death.

Painkiller addiction can be treated at various levels; one will be expected to undergo counseling before being placed on nonaddictive painkillers to gradually reduce the addiction. One will then be expected to join a support group where they will be successfully rehabilitated using behavioral therapy techniques. Painkiller addiction should be treated under the strict supervision of a specialist. Sudden withdrawal from addictive painkillers has frequently resulted in the victim developing seizures and even heart damage. The only way to avoid addiction is to avoid non-prescription painkiller use on a regular basis.

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