Doctor Explains Why He No Longer Prescribes Drugs

in natural-healing •  last year 

Dr Patrick Quanten was a GP for 18 years and now uses more successful natural methods. Dr Patrick Quanten and Clive de Carle in conversation with Martin Farrell on People's Internet Radio.

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Really interesting vid regarding the improving technology of mineral testing, I can see this taking off in the future. I hope it does. Also I have to thank you for the magnesium oil tip, it has near enough banished my calf muscle aches and pains, thank you kindly.


I use magnesium oil for muscle cramps too. It really does help.


so glad magnesium helped you

Thank you for the info, I don't consume traditional drugs, I always try to eat healthy and be naturally good, its very possible


we should be healthy and happy by default.

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thanks for sharing