What They Won't Tell You About NATO

in nato •  19 days ago

There's a popular misconception that NATO only engages in foreign intervention when it is justified. They aren't the good cop to the US's bad cop - they're just another cop who goes around killing innocent people.

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This is where we are heading with NATO and our own country:
“First they took away everyone’s ability to resist and nobody said anything.
Second they took away their right to information and nobody said anything.
Third they took away everyone’s ability to travel freely and nobody said anything.
Fourth they began arresting anyone who looked different and nobody said anything.
Then Adolph Hitler began the Second World War.”

I truly hope I am wrong here...

Welcome back Lee..

NATO appears a nice organisation if you slate it your are considered bad but when described like this how can people not agree its a war mongering organisation 💯🐒