Delft National Park

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The Delft National Park is unique in that it is the only place in Sri Lanka where wild ponies breed. These wild ponies are believed to have been brought to the island by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The Delft National Park is on the island known in Tamil as Neduntivu, although the Dutch name, Delft, is more popular. The island is approximately 35 km south west of Jaffna, in the Northern province, and was declared a national park on June 22, 2015, after an Integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Northern province recommended that an area of 1,846 ha (4,562 acres) on the island be set aside for preservation. The island is inhabited by a small community of people and is surrounded by white beaches and corals and shallow waters. Over 60 species of birds and a multitude of butterfly species can be spotted in the Delft National Park, in addition to several other sights, including the ruins of ancient stupas.

Information on how to access these parks, entrance tickets and places to stay nearby can be obtained by contacting the Visitor Services Management Division of the Department of Wildlife Conservation on the number listed on their website.


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