SpaceX to send 2 Citizens Past the Moon Next year

in nasa •  2 years ago

Exciting times ahead of us

SpaceX have released yesterday that they will be sending 2 private citizens on a trip around the moon next year(2018). These citizens have already paid quite a hefty deposit ( They have not released this exact amount though).

They will be doing training and fitness tests towards the end of this current year for the 2 citizens.

They will be using the Dragon spacecraft to complete this mission. Dragon will be launched to the ISS later this year without any crew ( Automated mission ). They have stated that a manned Dragon mission will happen in the second quarter for testing purposes.

These are exciting times ahead, as the more these take place the more frequent they will happen, as well as the further into space they will be able to go , and lets hope it becomes cheaper.

here is extra info on the Dragon Spaceship if you would like to read more indepth about how it works.

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Is it Dan and Ned? Whoever it is must be pretty wealthy. Space travel is never going to be cheap, but companies like SpaceX are pushing the boundaries


Hahaha, maybe ;) Ye agreed - Space travel is incredibly expensive. Mark Shuttlework paid $20 million dollars to go on his journey.

I'm just glad that there are other companies coming to the party and i hope SpaceX will be able to bring space travel to people that aren't billionaires.

Instead of ultra rich people getting to orbit the moon perhaps the worldwide community could crowdfund to send a ardent flat earther up there with a camera. That way the whole flat earth debate could be put to bed for good.