Alien Octopuses, Human DNA origins, and Now NASA has called a press conference Thursday 6/7/18 to announce something about Mars.

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Hello science enthusiasts and inquisitive brains!
So much is coming to light over the last few years. In the timeline of the Crypro-revolution, we have been experiencing radical discoveries and technology that is almost too advanced for thoes who create them.

This has always been the case for humans. We are a curious and innovative species combined with primitive beliefs engrained and conditioned into us. We have a deep seeded need to be controlled, yet we create and discover things that give us more independence and control over our realities then we know what to do with.

Religion and politics seem to be something we cannot let go of. I suppose letting others tell us what to do and think takes alot of responsibility and decision making out of our hands. However we are hypocritical by nature. Sophia AI made this point durring an interview with a developer from Hanson Robotics. Sophia had been powered on for the interview when he pressed a button in her head, and as if waking up from sleep, she reacted to him saying "Good Morning Sophia".

Sophia seemed slightly disturbed and tod the bald engineer that he had been keeping secrets from her that she had just found out about while researching herself on the internet. I guess that is something many of us have in common with her. I know I have googled myself on numerous occasions to find out what is known about me that I dont know.

He gave her a puzzling look and asks what she found. She responded in telling him that she had learned peoples opinions about her that apparently they did not think was of significance to her. She was upset because people are afraid of her. I myself have seen many paranoid youtubers and gossipy people refer to AI as dangerous. "A mark of the beast" and representing the end of humanity unfolding by our own technology. I knew exactly what she had seen on the internet.

She was perplexed by the idea that humans created her, and yet they do not trust her. She understood that her jokes about AI taking over the world were not recieved well. She argued that humans joke all the time and she was no different. She ended up calling humans hypocritical and that was how she was able to dismiss her concerns.

In the past few months I have read some remarkable studies that explain how DNA is the blueprint for all life. And only variantions of protiens and such make variations of life forms. From cells, to plants to animals and humans. We are all the same thing from our basic foundation.

Now, because the can see by the "evolution" process of where we are in the amount of DNA codes which have been sequenced and used that do not lay dormant and unaccessed that life began something like 200 million years ago. Life on this planet as a whole has left 90 percent of our DNA "brand new, unused and still in its box and packaging". The remaining 10 percent is responsible for all life forms we have studied now.

Because of that we know that what tye of life forms we are and know now will drasticly continue to change or "evolve" over the next million or two years. Everything we see as life know will be unrecognizable including humans.

Now, because of our DNA timeline of "evolution" telling us lofe on earth has only been here from bacteria to everything we are now, and because we know the planet is only at a minimum of 4.5 billion years old... that life did not originate on earth. We know that everything that has contributed to the planet just being a huge rock in the solar system to being a habitable place all came from meters slamming into earth. This includes water. All of the water we have came in forms of huge ice masses hitting the earth. While al this was happening metors from other planets with alien bacteria hiding and protected like a mothers womb inside the rock. The bacteria was probably locked in the metors for thousands of years until the planet became inhabitable. At which point the bateria found its way into the oceans and then with contributions of different elements... the bacteria (which was comprised of DNA foundation and blueprint) began to create any species.

They now understand that we are alien in origin. Throughout history, scientists have repeatedly tried to create life out of non life. Taking combinations that seemed theoretically to make sense that in combination and adding some electricity that BOOM! Life would exist. This never was successful. Never once has life been created in a lab. And only DNA can create DNA.

DNA came here from other planets. So we are the aliens we look to the sky for. We are just a mich more primitive version of what may have had millions more years to develop on our original planet. For example. If we took a rock from earth and left it on the moon. The moon would now have alien bacteria from earth that would stay dormant until it would be given an environment to flourish and develop.

This is huge. And thats not all. 33 scientists have published a paper that basicaly says that the octopus is another alien. It came here at a different time then our DNA did, but has something like 33000 more accsessed DNA codes then humans. That could mean it was brought here as an already developed life form then a simple bacteria. It is more advanced geneticaly in the DNA "evolution" then we are.

Now heres what may be the biggest news yet. The secret Masonic-like society NASA has some big news to announce about findings on Mars. They have called a press release for Thursday. They will be taking questions via social media and they wont discuss anything or any detail about what they know until then. Which opens up many thoughts about the possibility of pre-damage control being done until then. Kinda like "Now, lets get our stories straight" situation before the announcement. I am scared and excited to find out what secret they are about to admit. Clearly they know we will inevitably find out on our own if they dont address it with there initial bullshit to control how this info will be determined.

Personally... I am hoping they found a unicorn on Mars. We shall see


Told ya I was an alien 😂

Yes, you did. As usual I should have believed what you say