How NASA Is Using Ancient Art To Find Alien Life | Answers With Joe

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The Starshade Space Probe is part of the New Worlds mission in which NASA is going to launch a huge shade to block out the light from stars so that we could possibly see Earth-like rocky planets.

In order to get the star shade into space, they're employing the ancient art of origami to incredible effect.

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This reminds me of Sunshine's Icarus spaceship. Imagine if the shield has more artistic shape.


You helped me realize, that I actually never watched this movie :)


I haven't either somehow.

This is amazing and scary at the same time.
from my point of view I would not believe that Alien life exists except if I see them and talk to them, and maybe make a deal with them loool.
as per now there is no Alien life for me.
this is a very awesome video.
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Here are few more pictures which shows how this will unfold:

I really like the shape of this "space flower", but to be honest... I am still not getting it, why its need to be like that.


Something to do with the way light waves refract off of surfaces. I'm sure it's got a lot of math behind it.

Very cool!

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