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Well, I guess Narrative was a scam. It sort of felt like that after a while when nothing would be updated, but it's official now.

Everyone that dumped money into buying a niche got pretty screwed - myself included. Not that it's the end of the world, just $75.

No more comments or posts allowed so that takes care of any discussion about it on the site and just cut all ties with everything.

Better luck next time I guess.


I posted once on Narrative and played around a bit but was never that interested. Projects like it, and the also defunct Sola were completely centralized endeavors as evidenced by the fact that they can be “sunset” on a whim.
Every Narrative niche owner should be invited to create a new Steem community!


That’s pretty crappy of them. They should have offered at least some of the money back.

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Is that that body cam kind of thing? I thought about it before.

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