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RE: What Narrative's Recent Update Means for Future Narrators

in #narrative5 years ago

Greetings dear friend @blockurator.

Lately I've heard a lot about Narrative.
To be honest I am not familiar with this platform. But taking the opinion of a friend, Narrative could be displacing Steemit as a space for writers.

Something that powerfully captures my opinion is the methodology of creating niches. I think it works better than the ** labels ** of Steemit.

Now with the information that you bring us today I realized that there is also a governing body and that the creation of spaces can be put to a vote and even revoked. This is great.

All best, Piotr.


I wouldn't say "revoked." Niches can be approved or rejected by the community. But those decisions can also be appealed and overturned by the Tribunal. So far, I'm enjoying Narrative. There are some interesting dynamics.

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