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Hi Great Steemians,

Let me use this opportunity to introduce myself. Am Naomi by name. Naomi is a biblical name which means sweetness. I am 25year old, an undergraduate from one of the universities in Nigeria. I work and I study. I am proudly African, a Nigeria to be precise.
I hail from kwara state in Nigeria but currently residing in Lagos state, which has the largest population in Nigeria.IMG_20180225_221745_906.jpg

Am not the jovial type, very reserved and quiet. Socializing hasn't been much part of me because I really don't find it much interesting maybe because of the way I was brought up. I love reading books (especially inspirational novels), I love listening to music and as well cooking and am also a fashion designer.

Having heard so many wonderful things about this community from a friend, the conviction made me to develop interest for it. it feels great to finally be jumping in because I now see steemit as an opportunity for me to utilized my dreams.
Growing up as a child, I was single handedly brought up by my mother (a twin though not really identical. Two girls). My mum is an epitome of motherhood. As the saying that says "a woman's job is never done". This is a perfect example to describe her devoted love in upbringing us. Scaling through life is a risk that cannot be measure but life itself is a risk. !IMG_20180114_183847.jpgScreenshot_20180109-214933.png
I look forward in impacting knowledge to everyone as I am here to be impacted.
Happy to be part of steemit as I am proudly a Steemians. IMG_20180226_225504.jpg

Upvotes for me. Thanks

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