71,000 Words! I'm on a Roll!!!

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There will be no freewrite today, because I've hit my groove in the story and I'm going for a writing sprint this afternoon-evening. I reached the 70,000 word mark well before I thought I would and it is SO freaking exciting! I'm hoping to hit 80k tonight, although that is a pretty big goal. I would be happy to get close to that!

The story is wrapping up so well. I am really excited to get to the end of it and then hopefully find enough help with editing and such that I can publish it.

Anyway, just a short post to update you all on my NaNoWriMo progress. I feel like if I can do this, then I can continue to do it and finally get some full length novels written. That is definitely something on my bucket list!

Thank you to all of you for your continued support of ALL of my writing.

Especially @mariannewest with her daily freewrites that dug me out of a writer's block of years!

And @janton for reading nearly everything I write and giving me so much support.

And of course, in the "real" world, my husband who is passionately supportive of my writing. He insists that some day I will be a big best seller and I can be his sugar mama and take care of him in style ;)

Anyway... off to write some more words!


I technically hit 70k last night before I went to bed. I was so excited to reach that goal that I actually couldn't get to sleep for HOURS! I have added a little over 1,000 words today.

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Give it hell, @byn! you can do it!

Hahaha! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this comment! Thank you!

Bwahaha! Well, I know that writer's block is real and he'll hath no fury more than someone whose broken through, and has to stop! Looking forward to hearing you've nailed it. :D

howdy there Byn! and thanks for the mention! I think we should all be thanking you for pushing yourself to come up with great writing everyday! Hey I didn't know that you used to be stuck in writer's block, how long was that going on? And the freewrites brought you out of it?

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AWESOME! Thank you so much!

That is so awesome!! Congratulations and keep it going! If only I could have written my PhD thesis in such a short time, I'd have finished a lot sooner haha (took me 3 months to write 29,000 words) - keep it up and good luck with the novel! Lord @janton is a ledge!

Lol. I can NOT imagine having to write anything that takes research. I am already SO scattered that I have a really hard time staying focused!

It's nice to have a few things going on but there's a fine line between that and having too much to do I think. I have noticed that over the last few weeks and have thought about dropping a few projects so I can focus more on only a couple.

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You are a beast!!
On a roll? you don't say .... hahaha
You inspire me
So so happy for you :)

Lol :) Thank you! This whole story pretty much just flew out of me and I'm kind of glad it's done now, because it was really emotional to write!

Well done. I am in awe. 300 words flow nicely, but once I get close to a thousand I get fatigued and spend more time rereading than typing.

Honestly, I rarely ever reread of edit anything. I'm kind of dreading that part!!! It's going to be a lot harder than just writing it in the first place!

I would offer to edit as it is something I find quite relaxing, but I am time poor at the moment and it is only going to get worse in the lead up to Christmas.

When you hit a groove it is best to run with it, good luck and congrats for being selected for the member boost on #steemitbloggers.

Thank you! I hit my groove and finished late last night. I had to stay up and get all the way to 80k, because I was SOOOOO close!

Well congrats on that, I hope all those words make a great novel for you and the hubby.

Thank you! He is super excited to read it, but I haven't let him yet!

You are a STAR! Well done! :)


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Thanks for the continued support @felt.buzz! The freewriting community is highly responsible for this happening for sure!

You are an inspiration to us all! You might need to wear a crown from now on at all times!

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Thank you! You're awesome!

That's super to get so far, not many do. I hit a million words a few years back and that was a huge milestone for me; I'm on my second million now...

I can't even pretend to imagine how many words I've written in the last year. I was keeping track for a while, but lost track after I hit 500k-ish. I have written tons, but this is the first time of writing something with this much length!

Very nice! I'm not doing NaNo this year, but last year I topped 250k for the month so I know how it feels to be doing so well.

You can do it! Keep plugging away and you'll get there :D

I got it, although the story finished at 80k words. I have another story percolating that ties in, so I might keep writing or I might take a break and then get to the not-fun editing part of it! Thanks for the support!

OMG, Thats so much ! I love persistance so I take My hat off for your 70k keep the Words rolling sugar mama 😉💪
Love britt

Thank you! I actually hit 80k and wrapped it up late last night!

Congratulations!!! That's awesome.

Thank you! I'm really stoked about it!

That's no easy feat! Well done! Huzzah!!!! I might be able to help with editing... :-)

Thank you! I am DEFINITELY going to need help with editing or at LEAST beta readers. My husband is a great editor, but he is so busy and he's a bit biased because he thinks everything I write is amazing, so I'd definitely like some extra eyes on it!

Husbands are the worst. They think everything we do is awesome. ;-)

great job . .. thanks for keeping us posted.

Congratulations! That's a great achievement. I'd like to see it published.

That is the plan! I'll be sure to update here when it's done!

That must be a great novel, I am very sure about that, good luck and wish the best for you @byn. #steemitbloggers


Byn ... I do 70,000 words in a reply to a post. All of them. :-)

I'm teasing.

Great job. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Sweet! Great progress- you go girl!

I'm doing Nano again this year, unfortunately I've not had the time to update my wordcount page lol! But I suppose that's a good thing- proves I'm writing so much I don't have time to verify it ;)

That's true! Just keep writing, that's the important part!

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