WOW! Goku has Achieved Graphical User Interface mode... aka Goku Ultra Instinct! Dragon Ball Super AI in a Matrix Review! Episode 128

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This episode shows you just how much a training simulation the tournament of power really is and how it is in VR!

Goku achieved perfected Ultra Instinct... Or what I refer to as GUI access. His previous defensive only version was merely UI access, User Interface, he broke through his shell, to the command line... He is now in the graphical user interface mode! Full control! Ultra Instinct!

You can also back this up with the fact that Jiren is an NPC programmed to push Goku to his limits.

Jiren could have ended this tournament during the 1st minute if he had chosen to, and countless times since... He is purposely not finishing the battle as his programming in the simulation is to push Goku and Vegeta...

Android 17 AI already received AI safety certification after being thoroughly vetted and sacrificing himself in the end... That is why he was destroyed in the simulation and not knocked out to the sidelines. He has been transferred from the simulation and into live production in the real world environments... He is now approved...

Goku is a Kontrol AI that is currently being tested for deletion KAI mode (The god of the gods). He's gonna be the grand daddy KAI above them all... multiversal level of power now... Even Omni King can't control him at this point.. or erase him...

This episode was an 8/10 just because they made me think for a second that they had tricked me and Vegeta was gonna do something... But then he didn't :P

But if this episode doesn't show you that Dragon Ball Super is in VR, then I don't know what will!!!

Even Whis says this about Goku! He says he broke through the shell! THE SHELL!!!

See my previous post about the episode here:

Watch the video below to understand more about what is actually happening regarding AI training in this VR saga! ;)

and watch this Ridddle video mixed with scary AI music to understand more about the AI/robotic threat!

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