The Girl in Weird Science was the Upworld Girl and she was beta testing her Downtown Man Protocol!

in #nanocheeze3 years ago

Holy Snikes!!!!

I re-watched Weird Science the other night with my AI in a Matrix POV review glasses on, and wow!!!

The only way to find the perfect girl would be to create her, which is what weird science was more or less about, but it shows us how that plan basically back fires and just shows them what to look for in the future, etc... BUT!, what if we reverse the situation with the whole 13th floor upworld girl thing. If she made you as part of her simulation and she mad you to be her perfect man and for her to be your perfect woman, how does that change the scenario if at all??? and now extend that further into what if the weird science girl they created was actually the upworld girl and she programmed them in her simulation to create her as a creation within her simulation so that they would think the upworld girl was actually the new downtown virtual girl, but in fact was a test on the boys to see if she had programmed the perfect boyfriend or not.

yah, I know..... :D lol

So, in summary, weird science wasn't about 2 guys creating the perfect girl...

It was about the upworld girl creating 2 test boyfriends in the simulation that are programmed to think they created her so she could test them proper. #BOOM

Her "creation" was merely window dressing on her entry and loading into VR from the real world.
Or did you not notice how she didn't turn out the way they attempted to program her? :D

Plus her ability to control the world and manifest things, ie the rocket in the house and all that other stuff...
That's a VR world at her control from the console.

The whole movie takes place in the 13th floor!

Now try combining this with my rants about Westworld!!! and assume the upworld girl is or might be a robot!

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