Synchronized Existence, The Quantum Digital Duality!!! Digital Coherence Between Reality & The Future's Ancestor Simulation! How Reality Went Digital...

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What if your real physical life & your future simulated digital life were merged so seamlessly that you and reality itself couldn't distinguish between the two...

Imagine for a moment that the human race sticks around for a while and that technology reaches that scifi pinnacle someday...

It is a given that we will then one day build an ancestor simulator.

Imagine a simulation system that could ultimately simulate every combination of possibilities until it found matching simulations that corresponded to existing DNA. You would know you found actual ancestors using such a method...

Now imagine that they combine this Animus with entangled time technology... Basically they link the Ancestor Simulation with the actual person(s) that is being simulated via some type of astral/soul link using the entangled time process. Think like the Neural net that people in the Matrix were suppose to be instead of the batteries they portrayed in the movies...

If they only accessed/utilized your mind while you were asleep it would have minimal to no consequences on the timeline, and furthermore, time doesn't change the way "back to the future" depicts it... It is more like how it is shown in Dragon Ball where reality splits into separate realities, but with the difference being that they merge back together later... It doesn't stay split.

Such a process using Entangled Time would allow the ancestor simulation to reuse a repeated night of sleep work as well, such as in the movie Groundhog's Day or 12:01 but without the torture :)

So what I am proposing as a theory, just to ponder, is that maybe, just maybe that is what all this wackyness is... (Mandela Effects, simulation theory, weather, politics, etc)

Maybe the ancestor simulation in the future becomes so good that reality and the simulation basically merge...

There would be almost no way of knowing where your real life ended and where your digital one began... These 2 lives could even be happening congruently and you wouldn't know when it was which... digital or analog...

It would also allow for a backup system... cough cough... If anything ever happened... Maybe this is Earth Reboot.... Stupid CERN....

But in all honesty, I think we would be foolish to not entertain the notion that something along this level could already be happening... or at least could happen...

I propose this as an alternative to the theories of this world being a simulation within an alien computer... That means we are in a prison...I don't think it is a prison. Not for everyone at least hahaha :)

I feel like our world was literally digitized a while back... Not just digital tech emerging, but reality itself functions on a somewhat digital level now with quantum stuff which doesn't seem like the way it use to be. It feels like something is playing games with things... An ancestor simulation would actually make sense of almost everything.... Like literally, everything... religion, existence, technology spurts, moore's law, fermi paradox, etc... list goes on...

A proper ancestor simulation technically could embed the very fabric of reality into reality that caused reality to emerge in the first place... ie, Possibly Divine Foundation... I dunno... :P

I could go on about this for a while... As I think the world is very real, but I think it is being tampered with for sure... 100%

This would be a viable answer.

Here's an older post about this topic:

There are more buried in my feed if you wanna dig em up :)

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The topic of simulation and Matrix-theory is something I've spent a lot of time going down the rabbit hole with myself, especially when it comes to dreams and how a simulation might work. It's one of those topics you can get obsessed with and lost in for days.

What are your thoughts on déjà vu? You know that feeling like you've been somewhere before or already had a specific conversation with someone? I've wondered for years (since I was a kid actually) if déjà vu is actually your brain recalling an event that happened elsewhere in some kind of alternate reality version of yourself or outside of the simulation.


Deja vu is similar to mandela effect. Its by product of looped entangled time surfacing as instincts... maybe lol

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Have you ever seen that show Lost? When Desmond goes back in time and goes into the jewelry shop and tries to buy the ring he didn't buy... and everyone looks at him like a hive mind and the clerk sternly tells him that he didn't do that the first time... and he has a panic attack and stumbles out... I think that same phenomenon's essence is the same thing that powers mandela effects and deja vu...I agree completely with what you said... I also noticed deja vu more so as a kid, but still experience it of course...

My point with the Lost and Desmond thing is that was an example of reality being on a literal track.. Like a ride at Disney Land... In essence... I think that is what is going on. Whether it is aliens, our self from the future, God, AI, demons, or wizards really doesn't matter... What matters is that there is a track... ie, CERN could literally end existence with the LHC... But they can't, because thankfully, reality is on this "track", it doesn't negate free will, but acts as a safety mechanism for the story of everyone's life overall... So that one madman can't steer the fate of humanity this way or that way... It's the concept of if you went back in time and tried to help Hitler win the war, it wouldn't work...

I think this "track" mechanism of reality is very very very real, and I think it is due to this ancestor simulation thing I am babbling about... Think of it almost like a save state mechanism for reality like in an emulator.... The ancestor simulation makes sure nothing goes off track... and if it does, it corrects it...

That is where Mandela Effects stem from, corrections to the track...Deja Vu on the other hand is your innate ability to notice when something is on a track... As not everything is. somethings are more so on the track than others.... ie, If you happen to notice something that can only have happened that one way, then that is where you have a chance of experiencing Deja Vu, and for multiple reasons... Just noticing the track induces deja vu, and what you said about remembering from another timeline/simulation is also probably true... basically recalling another version of the events from the simulator instead of reality... but since it is on a track remember, the events are the same, thus resulting in Deja Vu..... I really really am starting to ponder this linked ancestor simulator... It makes answers to a lot of big questions... With a nice neat little bow ribbon on top even...

Let me know if this made sense, because I would like to correct it if not.... seriously...

Watch this if you never have:

Kermit speaks for me loud and clear here... :)

really very interesting article .... very beautiful

Very nice post and great article.. 😉 😉

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i had a feeling you would ... the voting stack is what it is however, a stack ... i'll make sure it happens within seven days or on the last post cos i dont think i'll have another account very soon, but nothing's set in stone since i'm not a burning bush thanks


interesting to note, only god alone knows our human future


tis very true, BUT only until said future comes to pass. once witnessed or noticed in progress by us humans then God alone is no longer true :D



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Nice post

kind regards of @rudyardcatling

this is great thinking to me... Andrew Bartzis ( might be interesting to you. So, another idea is that it could be the Earth herself bio-locating even the whole planet.


bio-locating??? go on...

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yea, it turns out she can bio-locate if you throw in with Andrew Bartzis (and I do).... we're sorta doing that at night when we sleep.... I mean how would we know if we woke up bio-located? so yea, the control structure of sacred geometry saddles are effecting that I might imagine.... just thinking out loud here

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No, I think I get where you are going and saying... That is basically the premise of what I am saying... WHen you goto sleep... You are dreaming right.. sometimes.. well, in this situation, sometimes, those dreams are more than dreams, but actually virtual experiences as we were discussing... What you are talking about would be an extended or permanent trip... Where you goto sleep in the dream and wake up thinking the dream ended but the dream is still occurring... which is exactly what I am talking about with merged realities... You could be living you real life one day and then the next month could be virtual... You could be somehow forced to only remember one of the virtual memories instead of the real life memories of that month, etc....

The bio-locating you refer to would be like in star trek insurrection accept replace the holo deck with VR.... right??? I am saying there is no need for a in between. they are merged.. linked.. synchronized...


about the star trek reference, your right. In fact Andrew Bartzis says the Akashic Records say that the Earth has been transported/ripped out of this time/space 12 times..... "wake up thinking the dream ended but the dream is still occurring..." that is what I'm calling everyday reality, it's its' own trance or state of hypnosis and that the Planet could and has and may now be bio-located to adjust for the safe travels through the cosmos

If the world I view on a daily basis is digital, then that explains why my out-of-body experiences are so much closer to reality. Huh? I like your posts, but please give credit to the beautiful and mysterious imagery.

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lol, no idea, did a google image search for "pink aliens"

And yes to the out of body experience thing...

The whole logic behind the pink aliens thing is from a dream I had a long time ago, or recurring dreams... I fell through a hole in a tree that had a portal to another planet full of pink people, that needed help with their computer, and they lived in domes in domes in domes, with a pink sky and there was something really scary outside of the like I think....

Always stuck with me... Was the theme here...