NanoCheeZe 10K & 53 reputation!!!

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Download the NanoCheeZe Wallet & post ur address below for a chance at some virtual crypto tokens!


Send back what I send you to help test the network and I'll send back double! (Once)

Link to download is on our main steem blog page

@xtdevelopment bot will be updated to level 53 rep as well for cheap resteems.


AD: WTB 3200 NZT-48,
willing pay 1000 NZC!

Overpaying for fast delivery!


I sent you 500 NCZ to play with :)

ty, couldn't figure out where to send'em back too.

if you look up the transaction in the block browser you should see the address the coins came from... Just send em back to that one, or just use this one

I got your transaction, I resent 1000 NCZ! :) Enjoy, and don't spend it all on too much Nothing at once... :P

Lmfao! So is this going to be the real NCZ or just test NCZ? Because if it's the synthetic spice, I'll hold off on smoking any of it.

How do u gain 10k follower

By having our own cryptocurrency and being the first and only software company concerned about extrastensial threats such as viruses from virtual alternate universes within vr... etc... ;)


Very interesting... ;) I love you!

how can i learn from your project? There's some link that's gonna give me

congratulations on your 10,000th. I just celebrated my 1,000th today. haha. thanks for your support. :) cheers.

Congrats on getting 10k followers!

I do not really understand what you mean.
is sending this address / link back?
congratulations to those of you who have attained 10,000 followers, even when this post I write has reached 10018 followers, the numbers are pantastis. please support me, thank you.


The NanoCheeZe wallet is very much like bitcoin, in fact it is a variant of a variant of it...
So what I meant was to post your bitcoin like address from the NanoCheeZe wallet... And I will send you some free coins... send them back and I will send them back double... We are testing the network...

Thanks for the support! :)

Here is a screenshot from inside of the NanoCheeZe wallet (note that the NanoCheeZe Wallet and NanoCheeZe App are two different programs, but the app can launch and install the wallet... but the app needs JAVA and windows 10. the wallet only needs windows based 32 bit OS and no JAVA

I'm running OS X 10.9.5... am I cut off from the game? ;)

ya, windows/linux only right now, unless you want to build the osx version... I just haven't gotten around to doing so yet.... It should work though.... if you compile :P

Thanks for the reply... I'll study how to do.

for the most part NanoCheeZe is simply HoboNickels with a new genesis block and PoR for NEMS... Proof of Reclamation and Never Ending Minings/Staking

So if you can compile hobonickels for macosx, you can easily compile nanocheeze in it's current state... Multicoin feature is not enabled yet, so, really, nanocheeze is hobonickels variant

Congratulations! I am Sorry for not coming and up voted for sometimes.

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