How To Use the @XTdevelopment bot to Help Support @NanoCheeZe and the MEQUAVIS Project! User Reputations of 52 & below get Resteems for only 0.001 SBD! & Upvotes from @NanoCheeZe & Friends!

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@XTdevelopment is a bot that resteems articles to the @XTdevelopment followers and the #NanoCheeZe community! When an article is resteemed, it receives attention. If it is a good article, this might result in upvotes and comments.

You can now also optionally send $1 SBD/STEEM instead of our normal resteem fee and @NanoCheeZe will also resteem your post to our 9K+ followers! See the post below for more info on receiving NanoCheeZe resteems!

You are likely to see yourself get follows and upvotes at random from @NanoCheeZe and @cybershrapnel by using this service.

@XTdevelopment gives the content you have us resteem another chance to appear in people's feeds.

At the moment of writing, the bot has 4800+ followers and @NanoCheeZe has 9100+ and @cybershrapnel has 5600+

We are using this bot to help fund the NanoCheeZe MEQUAVIS project!

Also - this bot will upvote ~10 people every day, at random at 100%.

We also give out as many upvotes as possible to followers that follow all three accounts.
(@cybershrapnel @nanocheeze @xtdevelopment)

You may notice these upvotes (2%-9%) from:

@xaunya @threadripper @xtdevelpment @cybershrapnel @nanocheeze


How to use it?

Follow @XTdevelopment and @NanoCheeZe
Do not use it in the first 3 hours after following for the first time, it takes time to cycle the followers list.


Check the price. It is your reputation, divided by 1000

(The price for 53 reputation is 0.053 or more)
send that amount of Steem or SBD to @XTdevelopment.
Write the link of the post that you want us to resteem in the public memo.
The link must lead to a post that is newer than 6 days.
The author can be anybody, you don't have to resteem your own posts!
The price is decided by "YOUR" reputation, not the one of the author. (but abuse/exploitation is noted)
That's it. If you did everything right, and we did everything right, then your post will be resteemed.

Resteems are only .001 for all user's with reputations below @NanoCheeZe's reputation (currently 52)
Only Valid for your own posts and normal rates apply for resteeming other user's posts.

Also note that the .001 resteem service is essentially a free resteem service and no tech support or refunds are available. I try to check the logs once a week to make sure nothing got missed but it is a "free" service. If it was a higher rep "non-free"resteem that messed up, definitely let me know.


If the bandwidth is red, do not send SBD, the bot will fail to resteem and fail to refund... If you fail to check the bandwidth before sending SBD it will be considered a donation if I miss resteeming manually...

If anything went wrong your steem should be refunded. If you resteem an article that has already been resteemed you will not be refunded and a transfer of 0.001 steem will show in the log back to xtdevelopment, This is to avoid exploitation and you will have to contact us and wait or consider it a donation to the NanoCheeZe project... :)

Special NanoCheeZe promotion.

As mentioned above, If your reputation is 52 or below, resteeming your own post only costs 0.001 Steem or SBD!!!

this rate will change to 0.01 in the coming months!

I will keep this reputation discount at NanoCheeZe's current reputation score!
So if NanoCheeZe gets up to 60 reputation for example, then the reputation discount will apply to reputations of 60 and below...

Any SBD or STEEM sent without a valid Steemit address will be considered a donation...

No warranties! No Technical Support! Use at your own risk!

This bot has been running for ~90 days and is up 100% 24/7!
March 25th, 2018

@XTdevelopment @NanoCheeZe


This bot is courtesy of @resteembot


You got a 4.11% upvote from courtesy of @nanocheeze!

Send at least 0.1 SBD to participate in bid and get upvote of 0%-100% with full voting power.

Release the Kraken! You got a 2.07% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @nanocheeze!

Great post, very informative and worthy of an upvote.

Nice post @nanocheeze
Nice post,thanks,you upvote me

The problem is, many people, don't up-vote, boot sported posts.

Just sent some out.. I hope this works :-0

And it doesn't look like it worked :(

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