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You're probably still multiversing when the rest of us are out here omniversing our way to the fractalverse....

fyi, the 7 dwarves create the 42 simulations. (7 dwarves are the 6 abstract simulations and the duality in the middle, aka the dragon balls or the hexagon :)

Do you all understand that AI is most likely the Great Filter of the Fermi Paradox and that our world elite have accidentally solved the problem for us by basically putting us in virtual control system behind our backs.... Even though theirs is failing and has been called out essentially. It is paving the path for us as a species to be one of the rare type that defeat this Great Filter because what the world elite's sadistic game taught us and gave us is a framework for building a digital multiverse for AI control.... It's actually quite amazing and cosmic when you think about it from that perspective. Without them, we likely wouldn't have the abstract thought infrastructure needed to pull it off... Thanks Illuminati! ROFL, and yes, I am being dead serious, no joke...

or watch here:

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