NanoBots - NanoTech - BrainChips and Our Scary Transhumanist FUTURE! Jeff C Live With Camille

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Join Jeff C and Camille (PleaseStopTheRide) channel:

I am the most censored channel in youtube history (with over 4000 videos and over a dozen channels terminated). If you wish to support me:
Intro by ReallyGraceful (music Supreme Lord Commander)
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Well that is some scary stuff!

("eat the suffering") - !tip 0.2

One of my favourite books - Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan was made into a TV series and I always wondered why, as it appears to show the evil of a ruling class who can live forever (the meths) - and I wondered why the zionist controlled Netfix would want to reveal their secrets - but I guess it was all programming as well...

In the 26th century, death is but a quaint notion as anyone can be "spun up" into a new "sleeve" when their old body dies as long as their "stack" - a metal disc containing their personality, memories, their essence of self - remains intact

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