Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Review

in #nano6 years ago (edited)

Here’s a video below on my review and demo of the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8’s Review

The Nano 8’s are by far a better shoe then the 7’s , they remind me more like the 6’s that had been my favorite.


  • they have a wide toe box ( if your not used to this be careful as you may want to go a size smaller feeling they are too big, wear them around alittle more before doing that, you don’t want to crush your toes in box jumps or other high impact movements.

  • the shoe is super comfortable, almost like putting on a slipper, with a neoprene liner, that in the back is detached from the otter, but held in place by the laces.

The heel drop is minimal so it feels more natural

The Weave otter is durable And breathable

The Nano 8 in my opinion is better then the 7 , and competitive with the Nike Metcon!! Video below


What are your thoughts on the Nano 8’s

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