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This post is inspired by @williambanks #nameinlights idea.

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@miserableoracle has some wonderful poetry and I think she really deserves more exposure. You should visit her page and give it the attention it deserves.

One of her latest poems, Yes, I've Already Forgotten Everything is very touching and soul searching.

Check it out!

I will be posting a lot more #nameinlights articles as I believe that a great number of my following deserves to be seen. And I believe in #payitforward philosophy.

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I saw it lol. I have been doing my research on this subject and you are right. Some of the most upvoted poetry on here is trash. Guess it's who you know.


Poets must come on here and want to die - its people just typing their thoughts from iPhones - NOT GOOD for Steemit poetic health!

Thanks I was already following @miserableoracle and now I'm following you too!
#nameinlights and #payitforward Wow! Honestly I didn't know was having that kind of impact. Thanks for that, you really made my day!

Thank you so much...!!! ^^
Can't express how happy I'm seeing this.. Thank you so much...