How I Paint My Nails (video + details!)

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Hello, beautiful people! I recently did a video on the method of painting my nails and decided to share it on steemit! There are no words, just a bit of music. If you want, you can follow me on Youtube! This is my first video on there, but I plan on making more since I had a lot of fun putting this video together. :two_hearts:

Anyways, since I didn't speak at all in the video, I've written a bit on what I'm actually doing in the video.

First, I remove the old nail polish from my fingernails using Mineral Fusion's nail polish remover. (This stuff works great by the way, and it doesn't smell awful like normal nail polish remover.) After you remove your old nail polish, you do not want to immediately moisturize your hands as this can make your nail polish not adhere as well as it could. Moisturize afterwards!

If my nails need to be clipped, I usually do this step before pushing all my cuticles back.

Then, I use a cuticle pusher to push back all my cuticles. I do this mainly so that all of my nails look uniform and therefore, are easier to paint since all my nails are basically the same shape around the cuticles.

Once I am done with that, I file my nails until they are all nicely rounded.

Onto nail polish now!

In this video, I chose 'Breezy' by Mosi Mei (a nice light blue color) and 'Laney' by Zoya (an oil slick silver, which is no longer being sold by Zoya, apparently.) I used silver as the accent on my manicure and did three thin coats of all the colors. And drank kombucha with green superfood in it while I waited for my nail polish to dry. haha :smiley:

Sidenote: By the way, Mosi Mei has great customer service--when I ordered from them for the first time, my shipment was damaged and they sent me a new package super quickly with 2 extra polishes included. Super sweet of them!

Once my nails dried, I generously coated each nail with Zoya's 'Armor' top coat. This top coat is great because no matter how much you put on your nails, it will still dry. Some top coats do not act like that, and take a long time to dry if you use a thick coat.

All done!

Music: Me Without You by Tobymac

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!


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Great song choice! Thanks for sharing. You did a great job!

You're welcome!