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My country people, another ogbonge Tuesday don reach our domot again on top naijapidgin and so many many tori full ground for we country but wen surprise Sha because we know say we go soon enter election year so now everybody dey fight both friend and enemies anything wey go prevent them from grabbing their own power come 2019.



Na on top this levels we take dey bring una this news from the camp of ACPN wey Dem dey call Alliance Congress Party of Nigeria. This party don bring out Dr. Oby Ezekwesili as their presidential candidate for the 2019 presidential election. Yesterday na im she show us her manifesto and the plans wey she get for Nigeria.

She talk say for the press conference wey hold for Lagos say na poverty her government go fight. She say her government go carry about 80 million Nigerians comot for poverty levels throw Dem put for enjoyment levels. She talk say wetin make we states be like kwashiokor pikin na because federal government get too much power and na all these she go look into.

She talk say na because Federal government no one balance things structurally na im make we power sector fail so. She talk say na this thing make 190 million Nigerians dey manage 3,500 watts of power when we brother for South Africa wey na only 50 million people dey get dey generate 50,000 megawatts.

She come end am say no be fuel subsidy be we problem for we country say government need to deregulate the full entire oil sector before better go happen for we country.

My country people, una don hear am o. As men don too fail us, e no go better make we try woman? How una look wetin Dr. Ezekwesili dey yarn so?

Na @zyzymena nak una this one this morning o. Make una take life jeje o.e no get duplicate.


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The game is between PDP and APC, let's not waste our vote on other parties🙄🙄🙄.It has become obvious.

lol let's wait and see now if she fit even reach anywhere talk less of becoming president.

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