Thunder fire man for Ondo State

in #naijapidgin2 years ago

Una weldone o..

I no know say thunder dey fire person true true, I think say na just normal play play curse o. Nothing wey person no go hear for this country..

Na so thunder go fire one 43 year old man wey dem dey call Aluko Ramoni wey dey cut iroko tree for Ifira Akoko, Ondo State, the man come die. Divisional Police officer wey dey the state, Biodun Ojedian confirm the matter. E say Aluko and e business partner Gbenga dey the farm yesterday, as Aluko come dey cut the tree, thunder fire am, kill am.


As the thing happen finish, the village people come dey call the people wey dey worship Sango (god of thunder), the worshipers talk say make them bury Aluko for the forest because of the way e take die, but the family no gree, dey want bury am for house.

People wey go school dey talk say no be traditional something. Say the energy wey dey generate for thunder storm dey always hit tree wey tall and we know say Iroko tree tall well well. Aluko come dey unfortunate to dey work for the tree at that time. Say nothing concern god of thunder,make dem bury the guy normally..

Wetin una think cause the death? Sango or natural causes?

Na @nmalove carry this matter come

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