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Good morning my country people. How una dey? ThankGod say today na public holiday I because na opportunity to rest for some of us. Make we for naijapidgin use this opportunity wish we Muslim brothers happy El de Malud. Make una celebrate am with joy.

Unto the matter wey we get today. News don full everywhere about we president Mohammed Buhari. For love broadcast wey Nnamdi Kalu do for biafra radio two days ago wey be on Sunday na there he talk many many things o. Nnamdi Kalu say who we dey call president na impostor. He say the man name na Jubril and na from one of these Muslim countries he from come. To convince us he say make we look the man picture well well. Buhari get long neck, old and he talk reach Saraki but this Jubril get short neck, young and Saraki tall pass am well well.

He come still talk say Buhari get bald head and open teeth but Jubril no get bald head and he no get open teeth. He still talk say for Atiku talk say make we vote am wey be Nigerian no be who be foreigner and we know say na Buhari abi now Jubril he dey refer too. Aisha no dey aso rock again because sharia no go allow her dey with man wey no be her husband. Nnamdi Kalu talk many many things and in fact me sef come use oyokometer look am well come see say e be like say wetin dem dey yarn na true o.

My country people, how una reason this kind thing? Na true say our president for naija na impostor? Make una shook mouth for this matter.

Na @zyzymena carry this one come una domot. Una well done o.

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Na true talk be that! Vote your fellow country pesin! No vote for foreigner!

Nawa oo who na them know make them sha do elections e no even concern me again, even if we even vote this atiku self, na the same story we go here

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