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Una weldone o..

Pipo get bad mind no be small.. Eget one hospital attendant, Fatima SUleiman for Capstone Hospital, Ilorin Kwara State wey carry baby placenta give juju man, Salaudeen Ibrahim make e carry do charm..

Police people talk say as doctor born pikin finish for the patient, e carry the placenta give Fatima make e give the papa of the pikin wey dem born, but Fatima no give am e papa instead e carry am go sell to Juju man make e use am do ritual..

But as dey catch dem, the Juju man deny am. E talk say, fatima come meet am a month ago, ask am if e fit use placenta do ritual, e talk yes. She tell am say people wey born pikin for their hospital dey leave their placenta and dem dey throway am wella, say e go dey bring am come e shrine make e dey use am for ritual..

5 days ago, Fatima come drop this placenta wey dey cause wahala for e shrine, e come dey call am make e come carry the placenta, say e no wan do the ritual again because e mind no accept am.. Before you know it, fatima call am, tell am say police don catch am. As the juju man no wan implicate itself, e carry the placenta throway for river.

Fatima dey talk her own side, she talk say na the juju bin dey disturb am make e bring placenta for am. say e no gree but because say e be friends with the man wife, e gree, come carry dat placenta give am. Say e never do this kind thing for e life before.

My pipo make we dey careful o. Wicked people dey everyone. Na so person pikin go grow, come dey do anyhow, dey no know say person use e placenta do somethin wey e de small. Make we shine our eyes anywhere wey we dey..

Na @nmalove carry this matter come

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