Dey accept Change for life

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My pipo, i dey hail una today wey be another Saturday; i hope say our flexing don start from yesterday wey be TGIF, as the year som dey end i pray say we go dey meet our desires.

One of the constant thing we dey we life na change but also one of the hardest things for we human being to dey do na alos "Change". This na becos every body dey always reason say dem dey alright as dem dey, so anything wey go comot dem from that way dey always be like work.

But we come also know say fro us to progress for lifen levels must change and when level dey change, many things dey change with am; sometimes, even the people wey dey around you sef go change.
But today i go like yarn say as we live, make we begin dey enjoy the thkngs wey dey now and make we dey focus on the future and learn from the past buh we no go let that one hold us down. So make we dey accept change as we dey progress for this life.
Na your boy @preciousimo knack una this one
Na we be naija pidgin
Na Spirit of Naija!!
Na we be Naija!!!


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True talk jawe, Change dey constant

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Una always dey talk true, i see say una flag still dey high, i dey happy

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