The Human State of Mind: Introduction

in naijapidgin •  4 months ago

I stumbled on one small secret. An open secret, I'll call it. We all know it, if not in exactness at least partially. It is secret of who we really are, what we are trying to be , who we say we are and the discrepancy between the aforementioned statements.

One thing I've grown to realize is that humans are grossly emotional and sentimental relative to how they present themselves. In fact, the greatest thing we fight day in day out in the pursuit of success is trying hard not to allow our emotions cloud our judgement because they have a way of taking over us and having a life of their while using us as a box of expression.

So, for that, I think every one should be mindful of not just his/her emotions but of other people's emotion. Denying the existence of emotions is as close as denying the existence of one's self. We are not our emotions but they are a major part of us. Being mindful of them is good but mastering them is much more important.

I am not a pro at telling people what to do about their emotions but minding and mastering them is definitely very important.

Mind your business including your emotions

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