N26 Ireland Bank Review: Fees, Card & Bank Account

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N26 Ireland N26 Bank Review: Unlike the other banks, N26 is The Mobile Bank. It requires its customers to operate their accounts through their mobiles. N26 provides the utmost security to the accounts by not letting an account to be operated at two smartphones at a time. N26 bank does not have very big branches and networks like other usual banks, and it passes the savings directly to the customers.
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Try N26 card for free HERE.

Founded in 2013 by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, N26 bank is growing very rapidly throughout Europe. N26 bank is designed while keeping the customers' perspective in mind. Since all the transactions are made through mobile, the customers feel very safe and secure about their accounts as they are holding them in their own hands.

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Moreover, the customers enjoy the wonderful features N26 bank offers, such as multiple types of accounts, insurance policies, and a lot more advantages. Including N26 card and N26 bank account, N26 fees and costs, all will be discussed in detail in this N26 bank review.

What is Offered? – N26 Ireland

N26 Ireland: It only takes 5 minutes to open the account for free online and paperless. Each N26 online bank account comes with a free Mastercard debit card, accepted around the globe.

Besides, N26 Ireland bank offers its customers various benefits through different categories of accounts (N26 card). The bank offers the following three types of N26 bank accounts.
N26 bank review

N26 Standard:
It is a free online bank account that provides you with all you need when it comes to saving, spending, and keeping a track record of all your transactions. All of them are performed through the bank application.

N26 Standard offers you a free Mastercard debit card. This N26 card can be used throughout the world 24/7. You can also make free payments in the currency of your choice for online shopping or shopping in a market.

N26 You:
To start with, this account offers a Mastercard (N26 card) in five different colors along with a great package of lifestyle and insurance. It also lets the customers withdraw in foreign currencies through ATM for free.

Moreover, N26 You offers you wonderful discounts on several brands such as GetYourGuide and WeWork. To save your money and manage your expenses, N26 You lets you create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts.

N26 Metal:
To provide a glimpse of premium banking, N26 Metal offers a stainless steel Mastercard that comes in three different colors. Just like N26 You, Metal also allows you to withdraw cash in the currency of your choice from the ATMs worldwide. An additional feature Metal offers is that you can pay online and in stores without having to pay any markup or transaction charges.

When you require some technical support, N26 Metal offers you priority customer support through its dedicated support team. You can both call and chat online with the team to get your problems solved.

With the N26 Metal account, the customers have the opportunity to avail of the deals and special offers from selected partner brands, including WeWork, Hotels.com, and GetYourGuide. The premium membership allows the customers to create up to ten Spaces sub-accounts to manage their savings and expenses. N26 bank account / N26 card /N26 bank review

Allianz Insurance Policy_N26 Ireland

Furthermore, both N26 You and N26 Metal accounts cover almost all the travel and mobility. With its amazing insurance policies, N26 gives emergency medical coverage and loss or delay coverage. If you miss your flight for some reason, N26 bank offers you a trip curtailment or cancellation insurance services.

Besides, when you leave the plane, you may be looking for a car, bike, or scooter to cover the short trip to your destination. N26 bank takes care of that as it covers the possible damage caused to car, scooter, or bike you hire to take you from A to B with no issues at all.
N26 bank review. n26 fees

Advantages and Disadvantages

N26 Ireland has got a few advantages, but at the same time, like every other bank, it also has a few disadvantages.

• N26 provides its customers with the deposit protection they always look for.
• The customers' accounts are secured and can only be operated through one smartphone at a time.
• The bank sends you real-time notifications to keep tracking your money.
• The bank has got a banking license. This means that all your transactions are secured and guaranteed.
• It offers discounts while shopping with a few attached brands.
• N26 bank offers premium customer support to its Metal account customers.

• Although the customers can make transactions worldwide, the fact that it is limited to Eurozone or the UK adds a few restrictions to it.
• The bank does not offer most of the budgeting and saving features that other neo-banks offer.
• Apart from Austria and Italy, N26 allows only five withdrawals per month to its primary account holders and three per month to other customers. For additional withdrawals, N26 costs the customers a €2 fee per withdrawal.

N26 Fees and Costs:

Considering the advantages, N26 fees are not as much as one would expect. All costs vary with the types of N26 bank accounts.

N26 Standard Account:
It does not have any monthly fees and costs. The transactions and credit card payments are free. When the customers tend to withdraw in foreign currencies, they are deducted up to a 1.7% fee.

N26 You Account:
Your account holders are subject to pay a monthly fee of €9.90 to avail of the advanced services such as free withdrawals throughout the world, Allianz insurance packages, and discounts on selected partner brands.

N26 Metal Account:
Metal customers are supposed to pay €16.90 per month to enjoy the bank’s premium services. N26 Metal includes all the services offered by Standard and You accounts, along with a few premium services. These premium services are the exclusive access to unique Metal Experiences and the premium chat and phone support in case of any problem.
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What Kind of Person N26 Suits?

Anyone who is above 18 years old and has a smartphone, can create a bank account with N26 bank. Besides, the customer needs to be a resident of one of the supporting countries and must not already have an account with the bank. N26 bank review

Bank License

Since N26 bank has its headquarter in Germany, the bank is authorized by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to be a trustworthy bank. So, as a customer, you can feel free to create an account with the bank.

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