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Welcome to the weekly post of #mytunes project, what's this all about?, simple:
we all create a unique colourful songs collage when sharing your own music, the music you're listening or that you love!


~ This is NOT A CONTEST, everyone wins :) ~

After our double hardfork we are here again with our best vibes .

With the funds of our donors I'm driving a Raffle of 1 Steem amongst all that made a valid entry :

There is a remaining fund of 4 Steems, that will provide us with 4 more weeks of gifting some love to one fortunate steemian.

Great loving thanks to our donors: an annonymous one and @dreemsteem( who donated 3 Steems), big hugs to them!

Got special thanks to @fraenk who is permanently supporting and spreading the word out there.

Special mention also to #pypt and @sgt-dan who keeps helping as much as possible, much love to you :)

My sincere thanks, hugs and love to those who commented, shared music, participated and supported the idea,those were(in order of appearance ):

@geekdancing, @metametheus, @marblely, @esthersanchez, @madlenfox, @orlandogonzalez, @roguescientist84

The Weekly Music List was made by all who participated and I called it MyTunes Weekly List 9 with finally 11 tracks that is worth to watch and listen to. You can find it here:

Weekly Music List #9

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How to take part? : Coment on this post and share at least one song (or song-list) you’ve being listening to or that you simply love. It can be a Spotify link, a YouTube link, Choon link, DSound link or whatever audio-video stream platform you love. Take into account that the list is published on YouTube ( at the moment, will see in the future )

Some tips:

  1. Every entry gets a 100% vote plus a “follow” and persistent vote (100% vote) on their normal posts for those who make good quality comments and posts. Votes come from @mytunes, @drakernoise and @artemisa7 accounts. Nowadays due to drop in crypto's prices our vote is lower than normal, hope this changes on a near future :)
  2. Lets go for an amazing Weekly Music list #10!

    If you want to take more fun, join the #googlyeyes fever, take part!

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    Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears, sharing music makes a better world for everyone...

    ~ Made with 💖 for you, hope you enjoy it! ~

    I live normally on the #googlyeyes discord where you problably will find me if needed : Here


well dang... I've been missing out in these weekly lists for a bit... shame on me.

We definitely all had an exciting few days with the fork just now. Little by little we'll get things back into shape here, it might require some shoveling of dirt before we get there?!

I'm curious about the future!

Let's start this off with a chill instrumental beat lovingly crafted by JIM from France:

Good start! I like this rhythm :)

Don't worry, we all know how busy and involved you are on the Steem ecosystem and this project that as our blockchain is little by little making it's way.
Thanks for your valuable time and sharings, It was added to the list Here
Love'n hugs ❤️

❤️ awww ❤️

and you know what... Wax Tailor, on eof my favourite beatmakers of all time just release this two hours ago. It's not just an amazing beat, no, it carries a message without words.

What's the message? That's up to the listener, but the video below takes us on a journey into the present perceived reality... see "The Light" below:

let's create a better future in the shade of our sun!

P.S.: dang, it doesn't play in the embed, but it's well worth going over to YT to see it!

I added It in the precise moment I read your post.
I love It, well, I started loving Wax Tailor since you showed It to me... and this is hoy stuff, thanks for the early notification !

This song is currently playing in my head everyday!
Quite sad but cherish the memories.

Uhhh breaking up ... too sad, I did it a number of times in my life ... last time was the worst but now whe can sit down and smile at each other : no hate, no blame, it’s only a shame 💔
Added your colours to our painting Here
Love n’hugs ❤️

Aww sorry about that. We learn from each break-up don’t we? Only have hope for a better match in the next. I wish you all the love you deserve 😘

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Oh yeah! I loved it! <3

Yay! 😘

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It seems I'm on a roll! :) Just yesterday added some music to my post and now again. :D

First Aid Kit, nice band, I use to listen to them...
Your rollibg entries are most than welcomed, thanks for keeping tuned and sharing cool stuff gifting us some of your valuable time 😉
It was added as soon I spotted your post... Here you can find It.
Love'n hugs ❤️

I think I will be sharing a bit more music videos from now on. :) I listen music lots and lots daily, but as I am what I am, I completely forgot mytunes for a while. But am now gonna remember it more frequently. :)

Hello dear friends
Today I want to share with you a song that I L <3ve!
This was a cover I made for the openmic contest. IF of the musical group Bread


Hi Esther,
First of all thanks so much for taking the time (that's so valuable) to come and share music with us 😉
I added the Mari Boine "vuoi vuoi" gem to our list, you can find It Here but ommitted your Bread's cover as It was previously included in our Weekly list 2
Keep on making good stuff !
Love n'hugs ❤️

Thank you and I'm sorry. I had forgotten that I had already shared it with you.

No no, nothing to sorry about...shit happens 🤣
It's a great cover anyways so hope more people watch It and enjoy 😉

Oo I love the song IF! 💗

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Yay! It is nice you like it! love it too!!! <3

Well, I have to share this one.

I only heard the latest release from RIDE last week... and immediately fell in love with it. I've been listening to it all week. I reviewed it for a #tunes and #sonicgroove post — you can read it here

Best of all....


I had no idea they were even touring, and when I looked up this track on YouTube to include in the post, I noticed someone commented about them touring in Australia in September... looked it up, and sure enough, discovered they were playing in Melbourne tonight. So bought my ticket without thinking twice, and now I'm getting ready to get my old-school shoegazing on....

I'm sure I'll be reviewing the gig for a future post!!

I read your "Ride review" post the other day, I enjoyed It too much and some of the comments in It but you touched so many missed bands of those times that I got stuck listening to some of them, Ride included ofc, and forgot commenting lol
You're so fortunate of having the oportunity to see them live, enjoy!
I watched this video the other day, awesome!
Thanks for coming and sharing stuff. Added to the list Here
Love'n hugs ❤️

He's a captain, and his motherland is Marseilles
He admires quarrels, noise and fights
he smokes a pipe and drinks the strongest ale
And loves the girl from Nagasaki.

A tragic love song performed by Jemma Khalid , also known in the USA under the name Jamuna - Russian and American singer, performer of Russian chanson, "neighborhood" songs , romance and wartime songs

Melodic pop brush strokes to our weekly songs painting 🕺
Thanks so much for the lyrics explanation, they help us understand the way these kind of russian singers feel their music path...
Added to the list Here
I'm thankful to you for taking your valuable time and sharing stuff
Love n'hugs ❤️

Hi my friends
Great day to everyone!

This is my contribution!

Enjoy it!!!

Hi Orlando
Adding colours from Cameroon to our collage, nice!
I looked for a translated lyrics but couldn't find any but It stills likes me and it's very easy listening stuff, thanks for bringing him to us 😉
You can see the growing weekly picture Here
Love n'hugs ❤️

Whoa! Cool!! I won twice...yeee ha! Okay, so my notifications have been jacked up on partiko since the fork. So I did not even know I won until I came here to share this song. It's one of my favorite punk songs to come out of France in the 80s. It's a got poppy but hard edge, with horns too! Enjoy!

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You’re so lucky!, congrats again 😀
I don’t think I ever heard of “Camera Silens” before... they sound amazing and fell in love immediately so had to find more info.

Here the lyrics :
C'est notre, c'est notre identité

Pas besoin de graver les mémoires
D'une image et faire semblant d'y croire
Pas besoin de vouloir s'en cacher
Ce langage tout le monde peut le parler
Parce qu'on est du même côté

Si demain on ne trouve plus rien à dire
Qu'à la place on choisit de se mentir
Pas besoin d'aller se regarder
Dans la glace il n'y aura pas de reflet
Parce qu'on est du même côté

Et dire qu'elle est comme ça depuis des années

More colours to our sounds painting added Here Thanks for your contrib and your valuable time! Love n’hugs ❤️

Haha ... well if we think that everyone can love then your statement could be rewrited as : " Music is for everyone"

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Hey Karma , that's nice from you!
All benefits for our participants are greatly appreciated.
Dou you think of gifting out from Next week or just right away for this week? I would mention that on today's post I'll publish later on...
Love n'hugs ❤️

You can start this week! Thank you!

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