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RE: 🎸#mytunes : ♯ Weekly Music List || Nº9 ♯ HF-21-22

in #mytunes2 years ago

Every time I hear the words "hard" and "fork" used together, this song always comes to mind. I have no idea why.

I think maybe because every time a hardfork comes around, I start singing....

"it's a hard fork that's gonna fall...."


In any case, one of the real, genuine classics of all times. This song feels even more relevant to me nowadays. The world may be going to hell in a basket, but it's the artists, poets, musicians, writers, creatives, dreamers, and philosophers who hold and share hope for us all.

This one is for all the visionaries on the blockchain (and the world). Keep up the amazing work!!!!


PS: Check out this wonderful, heartfelt, and honest rendition by Patti Smith...


You have said It all, I could add ... Amén!
I've added them both to the list Here
Thanks so much for coming and sharing these classic gems with us.
Hugs'n love ❤️
Pd: I'll vote when my VP gets higher...

This is an honest and innocent presentation as well as emotional.

Bravoo! <3

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