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RE: 🎸#mytunes : ♯ Weekly Music List || Nº9 ♯ HF-21-22

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Grigory Leps, official channel

It was a merry pink sunrise,
And the ship sailed towards scrapes,
And the cabin boy went on his first campaign
Under filibuster cherepashy flag.

We are gentlemen, if there is luck, but there is no luck - and there are no gentlemen.


I can’t understand rock concerts with people on chairs, you got to sry me maybe I’m wrong but I love dancing while I’m in a concert unless it’s other kind of music like classical ...
Anyways I love your entries bringing us those unknown artists and sounds, giving your personal touch to our weekly collage 🖼
Thank you for coming and taking the time to share with us!.. added to the list Here
Wish you a wonderful weekend
Hugs’n love 💗

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