Gods of the Greek Mythology - Zeus #6

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Zeus knows the danger and is thinking about how to get there, to Callista.

Who would Callista never distrust? The goddess she serves, of course, Artemis herself.

Transformed into the huntress, he goes to his chosen one.

There he is, in front of her and Callista only sees her mistress, who makes her beautiful eyes and caresses her sensually. Callista's body trembles and she surrenders.

Months go by, Callista is surprised to see her belly getting rounder.

How is that possible? Pregnant by a woman?

Callista immediately understands that she has been deceived by Zeus.

If Artemis would notice something, it would have done to her.

Callista tried to hide her pregnancy out of fear with all her might, she hides, wears more and more clothes until one day while bathing in the river the real Artemis sees the whole truth.

Callista has broken her vows, no matter if a god or a mortal is to blame, she must be punished.

Artemis rages.

Zeus is worried about the child in Callista, transforms the young woman into a bear and hides her in the mountains, but he forgets that Artemis is the goddess of hunting.

Equipped with arrow and bow after only a few hours, the goddess of the hunt has found Callista and mercilessly shoots an arrow right into her heart.

Callista dies.

It is the faithful Hermes, the messenger of the gods, who quickly sends Zeus to rescue Callista's child.

It is a boy, Arcas, the later king of Arcadia and Zeus does not forget the poor Callista, he gives her body its place in the sky as the big bear.

Zeus made countless conquests, he sought the virtues of the goddesses, which he himself lacked, but he also sought beauty, simple beauty for pure pleasure wherever he found it, with the goddesses or with the mortals.

He may be the ruler of Mount Olympus, but when love is at play, Zeus, just as we mortals, cannot compete with this demand.

He is the king of the gods, but also more like human than a god...

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Hello @oendertuerk, with your stories increased my curiosity for mythologies, thank you for sharing...

In the histories of mythologies, few gods had as much popularity and worship as Zeus.

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