King Midas

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In Greek mythology, Midas was the king of Phrygia, son of Gordius, who made Gordian Knot. Midas is famous for two stories, both involving the gods Dionysus, Apollo, and Pan. Midas was a powerful and wealthy king in Phrygia, an ancient region of Asia Minor. But unfortunately King Midas is rather stupid.

In one story, Silenus, a satirist who was a follower of Dionysus, was caught to be brought before Midas. Recognizing Silenus as one of Dionysus's tutors, Midas finally returns Silenus to Dionysus. Pleased with the return of Silenus, Dionysus gave Midas the opportunity to choose a reward in return. Midas chose a touch of gold, which was granted by Dionysus. On the way back to the palace, Midas touches all the objects around him which then completely turns into gold.

After the wine god had left, Midas immediately burst out into the garden to prove the grace of the god given to him. He holds the palm tree and instantly the tree turns into gold, glittering in the sun. King Midas became happy and happy. However, after returning to the palace and feeling hungry, Midas just realized the folly of his request. The touch of gold made every meal that Midas touched turned into gold before it could reach his mouth.

In another version it is told that Midas's youngest daughter ran to hug her father and instantly turned gold as it touched Midas's hand. All these events made Midas very sorry and begged Dionysus to return him to his previous state. In order to be healed, Dionysus instructed Midas to bathe in the Pactolus River located near the town of Sardis. Midas followed Dionysus' suggestion and was soon able to return to normal even though, as a result, there were traces of gold on the sand of the Pactolus River.

Midas told a group of nymphs that Pan music is more impressive than that of Apollo. Finally a contest was held with Midas and nymph as a jury. Pan plays the flute while Apollo plays the lyre. All nymphs choose Apollo, while Midas gives his voice to Pan. In response, the wrathful Apollo then turned Midas's ear into a donkey's ear. To avoid embarrassment, Midas then wears a headgear to hide his donkey's ears.

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I did not know the history of King Midas, really interesting enough!
Have you thought about speaking of Egyptian mythology either?
I think it was interesting on your blog :)