The Chest of Mysteries #8: Alaska Triangle: The Place with more disappearances than Bermuda Triangle

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Welcome to another Chest of Mysteries! How I missed this! But it's time to be back with some good mysteries for all of you! Let's Dig in! 😎

Everyone already knows the Bermuda Triangle, right? However, not everyone knows the Alaska Triangle. What is more curious is that it causes even more disappearances than Bermuda. But why does this happen?

I'm talking about a place known as the Alaska Triangle - a vast region that lies between Borrow in the northern part of the state, through Anchorage to the west, and Juneau on the south coast. For in this "triangle" formed when tracing lines through these locations we can find rocky peaks covered with snow and ice, extensive forests and large areas of tundra, and although none of these places is especially inviting to little-prepared adventurers, it seems that much people stubborn about taking chances anyway.



According to surveys conducted in Alaska, since 1988, more than 16 thousand people would have disappeared in the triangle - which is an absurd number of disappearances! The sinister thing is that, despite the huge amount of disappearances, search teams rarely find bodies or wreckage of airplanes.

Oh yeah ... they're not just adventurous little equipped to face the dangerous and treacherous terrain of the Alaska Triangle that disappears there. More than one aircraft that flew over the region disappeared during the voyage without a trace. One was a military plane carrying 44 passengers in 1950 - which disappeared from the map and was never found. Another was a Cessna 340 that, in the 90's, took the pilot and four more people on board and was never seen again.

He also had the disappearance of a Cessna 310 carrying a politician named Hale Boggs on an election campaign in Alaska in 1972, who disappeared while flying from Anchorage to Juneau. The case prompted a search operation that lasted for almost 40 days and involved 40 military aircraft and 50 civilian aircraft. At the time, the team searched an area of more than 80 square kilometers and no sign of Boggs or Cessna were found.


But how?

If you're wondering how it's possible for so many people and entire aircraft to disappear like that as if they've been swallowed up by the earth, know that one of the theories goes by that line! It is argued that, when an aircraft crashes in the Alaska Triangle, the rugged terrain not only contributes to the total destruction of the aircraft but, depending on the location of the crash, the collision may trigger avalanches that would completely wreckage and the victims.

Moreover, in Alaska, there are vast areas of glaciers - and these ice masses, full of fissures and underground chambers, could easily "swallow" whatever falls on them. However, these theories do not apply to all the thousands of disappearances that have apparently already been recorded in the region, right?


For another possibility would be that the Kushtakas would be responsible for the disappearances - and that, in our opinion, is a much more legal explanation! And who would the Kushtakas be? So, dear reader, they would be the Alaska version of the mythical Sasquatch, that is, the Abominable Snowman.

This creature is described by the indigenous peoples of the region as a kind of evil otter-man who would draw his victims to the bank of a river, tear their flesh to pieces and convert them into new Kushtakas. The curious thing is that if 16,000 people had disappeared in the Alaska Triangle for the past 30 years, there should be a real army of otter men there - like the White Walkers of Game of Thrones, you know? "But where are the monsters?"


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Nice post, you really write well. Very engaging to read!


Thank you @bengy! :D

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I have never heard of the Alaskan Bermuda Triangle, nor of a legend about Ottermen, who's myth seems to have a bit of werewolf mixed into it.
A small critique: several places it seemed like there were odd word choices or just missing words–curious if this is being translated from what I assume is Portuguese? The article was still understandable, I was just curious :D.
Thanks again for writing about this - upvoted!


The article was based on another one in Portuguese. But my English is still not the best. Thank you. :)