The story of Don Decker, The Rain Man

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In 1983 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, a mysterious event occurred. Witnessed by several people, a young man looks capable of creating raindrops and floating in the air. The man nicknamed The Rain Man is named Don Decker.

The story of Don Decker and his ability to create rain droplets and against gravity is one of the most real and well-documented supernatural tales that occur in modern times. No half-hearted eyewitnesses, mostly from professional workers, became eyewitnesses to the mysterious events of 1973.

The story begins with the death of an elderly man named James Kishough on February 24, 1983 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Kishough has a grandson named Don (Donald / Donnie) Decker. At the time of his death, the then 21-year-old Don Decker was in jail due to a burglary.

But because his punishment was not too heavy, Don Decker got permission to get out of jail for some time to take care of his grandfather's funeral. After the funeral service ended, Don Decker, who had no place to stay outside of prison, finally asked Bob and Jeannie Keiffer for a temporary stay in their house.

One night, Don Decker and the Keiffer family were in the living room when suddenly they felt something odd in the room. The temperature in the room suddenly turned cold. Shortly after, water droplets began to fall from the roof and the walls of the house.

Bob Keiffer immediately suspected that there had been damage to the plumbing in the house. He then immediately contacted the owner of the house that is Ron Van Why to complain about the leakage of water channels.

Ron Van Why rushed to the Keiffer house. But after examination in the house, he did not find the cause of water droplets from the roof of the house. He even found water droplets not only from the roof, but also out of the walls and floors of the house.

Realizing that something was not right in the house, Ron Van Why immediately contacted the police. Soon two police officers came to the house. The police officers are Richard Wolbert and John Baujan.

The Wolbert officer who came and immediately saw the situation inside the house was so astonished at what happened. He even stated that the water spots came horizontally and against the law of gravity! The spots of water even passed by and entered into another room inside the house. Police officer John Baujan who came with Richard Wolbert is also no less confused. He seemed to not believe in the phenomenon that occurred right in front of him at the time.

Then do these strange and mysterious events stop here? Apparently not! A few days after his exit permit ended and Don Decker went back inside the prison, something similar happened in his detention room. A prison warden named Dave Keenhold who does not believe Don Decker's story then challenges him to re-create rain and float in the air.

And once again, Don Decker in the presence of the warden shows his ability to create rain and against gravity. Rain falls inside the prison. The frightened warden immediately contacted a priest named William Blackburn. Blackburn then held a ritual of evil spirits.

It was the last day that Don Decker showed the ability to rain and fight gravity by flying in the clouds. This mysterious event has at least been witnessed directly by 9 people. These people are mostly still alive and can be confirmed about the mysterious events of 1983.

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