Revelation of the Mystery of the Head of the Moai Statue on Easter Island.

in mystery •  4 months ago

The body of the Successful Stone Statue of the Moai Found

In the first research project led by Jo Anne Van Tilburg, she managed to find 900 rare statues of Moai heads found in Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile. This discovery is evidence of the progress of civilization of indigenous Polynesian ancestors. For many years scientists also thought that the "Giant Stone of Moai Statue" whose myth could walk on its own on this Easter island only had its head.



But when the study continued Scientists succeeded in revealing the mystery of the statue of the head of the Easter island of Moai which turned out to also have a 7 meter body. In addition to the statue body found during excavation, the scientists also found carvings of ancient statues which until now the meaning of the writing has not been translated. This is a surprising discovery, how the Polynesian ancestors made and moved Moai stone statues that weighed from head to body almost 250 tons, said the scientists.

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