Forbidden Vision

in mysterious •  5 months ago  (edited)

Photo by Vincent Battault on Unsplash

I dare to walk the corridor.
It's mirrored walls reflect
The many lives I lived before.

So slowly, now, I walk alone
Through doors by which I can detect
The stifling air of the Unknown.

And as I walk, in fright, I find
The darkness reigns as past light dies.
The mirrors now are shattered, blind.

Oh, softly treat this silent path
That beckons, yet denies
All, but agony and wrath.

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Oh!! You reign superb on this piece. I keep reading them over and just delight in their delivery.

Well done!! Sincerely!

You are most kind, dswigle, and your appreciation is inspiring. It means much to me that my poem has touched you so... and that you have taken the time to let me know. (oh! that rhymes, too, lol) Thank you. (-:

My pleasure!

Your words create vivid imagery. Hauntingly beautiful.

Thank you, millcow, as always, and for visiting (-: