My all friends I need you Give me support

in myself •  last year

Hello steemit

Hello my dear friends are very sad today.
Everything was going well till yesterday.Woke up in the morning today. And was going to write a post.As soon as the post was about to write.I saw that my rating suddenly dropped very low..
So I feel very bad today.

All my dear friends, now you tell me what to do in order to increase my rating again.I hope you will read this post on my attention and will tell me what I should do next.I need all of you to help my friends..

I do not understand what I should do next.Read my post and give me your suggestion.I am waiting for your suggestion.

Thank you for reading my post, do not forget to upvote me..

Thanks for reading my all friends

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The only suggestion is don't copy paste. Share your own content.


Thanks for reading my post

Make all your content your own and do not make spam comments. Take time to read the post and comment about what the author writes. Things like good post are not looked at favorably. Don't drop your links in other members comment box. Join minnow support here : and learn from other Steemians how to improve your content. Good luck.


OK thanks for supporting me


You're welcome.

Welcome my friend how are you! Welcome to Steemit I see you at the top!