My Picture Day: View From Above (Smartphone Shots)

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During the past few weeks, I have been planning to do a quick photography walk at the Cebu Business Park but to no avail. Work has taken its toll on me that I needed to go on overtime to finish every pending task. I know this happens to many of us and it kinda sucks. That's a no-brainer for us, slaves of the corporate world.

So much for my vibrant corporate affairs.

For the benefit of some who isn't from around here, Cebu Business Park is right where the Ayala Mall is located and is the best location to witness the beauty of uptown Cebu's cityscape with skyscrapers as your subject. If you're fond of taking photos of architecture, this is the best place to start.

ISO 64 27 mm (with Amir Wide Clip Lens) 1/50sec f2.2

Last Friday, I finally got the chance of a lifetime when I had to meet a client there where I have managed to squeeze in the much-awaited photo session. The meeting venue was at the Sky Lounge by Blue Elephant in Apple One building. This building is famous to photography enthusiasts since it offers a good view of the business district. I've been here several times before but never during dark hours.

I always had my octopus tripod left at my locker in the office, so I decided to bring it with me to the meeting. Since traffic is pretty alarming here, it is but inevitable to go ahead of time. Punctuality is the virtue of the bored, as they say, but being in a place overlooking such great view will never result to boredom.

Armed with only a smartphone, I roamed around and took several shots.


1st Image: Panorama Shot
Left & Right Images: ISO 100 24mm f2.2 1/50

It was gloomy that afternoon, so bright orange sunset snaps had to be set aside for the moment. Instead, I waited for twilight to capture the blue hour and light trails of vehicles stuck in traffic.

Here are some that I took. Those in the left are night shots, while on the right are with light trails. I only had so little time in my hands that I had to maximize and take advantage of what was readily available given the circumstance.

Left Column: 1st Image: ISO 100 27mm 14sec f2.2 2nd Image: ISO 100 27mm 12.3sec f2.2
Right Colum: 1st Image: ISO 64 27mm 49.6sec f2.2 2nd Image: ISO 64 27mm 59.5sec f2.2


ISO 64 27mm 64.9sec f2.2


ISO 64 27mm 62.6secs f2.2

Glad I made some decent shots in spite of just using an octopus mini tripod and a smartphone*.

Long exposure photography is deeply rewarding. Time is of the essence throughout the process and this encourages you to really look at your surroundings. It is quite a step away from the machine gun approach in photography.

In this hectic world we live in, it is always a pleasure to slow things down a bit and really look and see what is right before our very eyes.

*Note: These photos are all taken with a Huawei P10 smartphone.
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People like you are one of the reasons why we are on steemit. People like you who actually do some real Work, put forth some real effort and teach us all something is an awesome thing to be a part of.

I need to spend more time learning how to take better pictures with my equipment.

It is crazy how beautiful and clean it looks from your pictures but from the ground I think it would not be the same.
Do they keep the trash picked up in that part of the city?
Great post beautiful pictures thanks for sharing them with us all.

This place in the city is clean :)

Thank you for the kind words Stan :)

Ok this is BS. How in the world does your smartphone take some badass pictures! Mine doesn't turn out that way so you're going to have to let me in on the secret - with just a smartphone.

Super awesome pics!

He's got a magic touch.

The phone has a good camera too and the options are awesome :) it helped

Nice views :) I used to live in an apartment 7 floors up, brings back memories of looking down at people. lol

Night time was always the best though, looking at skyscrappers in the distance. :)

Hahaha yeah.. The view is always amazing on top :D

I love that long exposure at the end! Great set of photos you got! And very clean post love the setup you did, UPPED!!

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Hello, thank you for reminding me, I just got the photo from google but sad to say I forgot how to put the link of the source, but no worries I got my photos my other phone, so I had the chance to put my own photos. Thank you again, it was actually my bad!