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Important things by @temistocles123

My Favorite Insect is without a doubt the Sheet Cutting Ant or as we call it here in my City "Bachaco" in these lands these ants abound, personally I love the way these incredible animals work, I really like how they walk in a Orderly row loading small pieces of leaves, branches and whatever they can use for their caves.

Panoramic View of San Juan de los Morros State Guarico

San Juan de los Moros is a small town located in the Guarico state, it is so small that with just walking about 45 minutes you have traveled almost everything! xD, I have the wonderful privilege of being born in these lands and I feel very proud of it. Its name is due to two things: 1) San Juan in honor of Juan El Bautista and 2) Morro is due to the mountain that we see at the bottom of the photo called "Morro" this mountain is located at the entrance of the city and it gives the impression that the mountain protects the town.

Nature makes its way through cement.

This photo is very peculiar, I wanted to take a picture of a monument called La Puerta del Llano and I just realized how this little tree had crossed the cement to grow, I thought it was incredible the way this happened, so I decided to place this picture.

Your Friend @temistocles123 tells you See you later.

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