MyPictureDay Submission : Walking in the beautifull Moutain of Valmeinier

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Going to start a new trip, I took the time to discover a new place of my Country : La Savoie. Moutain area, it is located in the Alpes and gives a lot of really beautifull trecks to do. So, I took my bag and started walking from a ski station of there, Valmeinier. The landscapes I had the luck to see were marvellous... I took some pictures with a Samsung Galaxy Note NG-7000, whithout touching them, have a look :




I hope you enjoyed this views as I did walking around there. If you want to discover others beautifull place in France and around the world, don't hesitate to follow my travels :



The first pic is my favourite, it's absolutely mindblowing, makes me wish I was there, so beautiful :D

Yes for me too.. I had a lot of luck to take this one, perfect moment with the sun light, but above all a lot of luck to meet this walk... Like quasi every time without knowing of where i'm going... ;) If you make a turn in France one day, this is a treck up of Valmenier 1800, and I heard after that all the walk around are magicals... Thanks for commenting. Have a good night !

The first for me is magical.. Thanks for comments and your upvot @vaught.dawson !

Beautiful scenery...

Guau, un lugar magico! Me encanta

Maravilloso hein ;) Gracias por su comentario

Hermoso paisaje. Saludos

Si ! Un maravilloso lugar. Hasta luego Kame

Isn't it... Thanks for commenting. Have a good night !

Wow ,I check this very nice place.

You can have a look to Mont Thabor. It's the famous one near this area and all the walks around go to it ;) Enjoy

Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes! Thanks for sharing these photos!

A wonderful place yes. You're welcome it's a pleasure like it is one to see others' georgous pictures. I'll profite to thank you for you challenge initiative, really pleasant. Thanks for commenting, have a good evening !

Awesome pictures my man! Keep them coming :)

Thank you bro. I have some others to put, trying to make order in the phone storage ;) Hope you will like, see you !

What did you use to take them with?

Awesome stuff. Well whenever you want me to come see your stuff, just come give me a reminder on my blog, and I will do my best :)

Talk soon!

It is that which is crazy ... ;) With a old Samsung GalaxyNote NG-700 that we give me, with many bugs because it's old and used, but take really nice pictures when it want.

Okay ;) Thanks man, I'll have a look to your's regulary too. See you !

I've never been to the Alpes, but judging from your photos - they are stunningly beautiful. Great shots, @permatek! ;)

Hey you have to one day. They are beautifull in most part of them. Thanks for your comment Dan ! See you

You are welcome, cya! :)

Wow that is awesome... Imagine running through those clouds!

Ahah it would be a good trip yes ! ;) Thanks for commenting

Amazing picks... I liked a lot ♥

Yes me too, a really nice place too for walking. Thanks for your comment Anny