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This is my first entry for the photo contest by @timsaid .
Thank you @timsaid for making steemit more wholesome and exciting than ever. Steemit were very lucky to have you around!


CAMERA USED: Samsung J7 Prime - 13MP main camera
STORY BEHIND THE SCENE: My wife made this scrumptious cheeseburger, it's easy as 1,2,3!! and viola eats eating time. The hard part is the photo shooting, it's hard to get the very good angle and lighting, so came up to an idea and search for my portable lamp. I tried to make some light behind the burger and tested so many shots and finally resulted to this twist.

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Thank You.



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Sarap nman

Great snacks meal

Can I have a bunless version of that bro? :D

Nice pic.. Now I'm hungry.. 😊

Made me drool.... yum yum.